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Meet Pemi’s 2021 Staff!

Camp Pemi’s staff for the 2021 season is stacked with veterans eager to bring their energy, experience, and wisdom to this historic summer. If you can add up their collective years, let us know the tally!

Pemi’s Management & Administrative Team

Danny Kerr – Director – I am originally from New York City, and though I will always think of myself as a New Yorker, I now live in New Hampshire with my wife Julia with whom I share three adult sons, Christopher 31, Robert 29, and Michael 26. During the summer, when not doing the director thing, I look forward to coaching baseball, teaching guitar, recruiting anyone willing to join the legion of long suffering New York Met’s fans, and just hanging out with our campers. I am looking forward to my 48h summer at camp, 27th as a camp director, and twelfth at Camp Pemi! Let the games begin!

Kenny Moore – Director – My journey at camp began in 1992 as a 10-year-old camper in Junior 5 and since then, I’ve made Pemi my home away from home each and every summer. 2021 marks my 8th year of working for Pemi year-round and I love sharing the joy of Pemi with staff, alumni, parents and boys. During the non-summer months, my wife Sarah, son Winston, and daughter Sally (born in April of 2021!) live in Cleveland, OH.

Pat Clare – Assistant Director – I first came to Pemi in 1999 as a  full-season camper in Junior 1, and I returned every summer for the seven years after that. I spent three additional years on staff as an assistant counselor, counselor, and division head. This will be my first summer back since 2013 and my first while working for Pemi in a full-time capacity. After spending the last four years as an academic dean, teacher, and coach in Tampa, FL, I’m thrilled to be coming home to Pemi for what promises to be an incredible summer. I’ll be joined by my dog, Kemba, who is excited for his first Pemi summer.

Charlie Malcolm – Assistant Director – I have been teaching history and coaching soccer for thirty years in independent schools.  For the last twenty years I have been teaching at the Northfield Mount Hermon School.  My first summer at Pemi was in 1976.  My father attended Pemi in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Tom Reed Sr. was his counselor in Senior II. After three years as a camper, I returned to Pemi to work in maintenance before becoming a counselor in 1987.  Since 1990 I have been the Camp’s Athletic Director until recently named Assistant Director this year.  This year I will be a utility player, supporting the program, the kitchen, grounds and maintenance, and trips.

Tom Reed – Consulting Director – I first saw Pemi as a two-week-old and have loved the place ever since. I was a camper for nine years, and this will be my fifty-third summer on staff. Feel free to ask me about any of it. It’s hard to say what mess hall singing will look like this year, but if it happens, I’ll probably be up there leading the fray. I’ll also write some newsletters, a few anonymous Bean Soup articles, and maybe a birthday limerick or two. I used to teach English literature at Dickinson College, but now I just hassle people about dangling modifiers.

Kim Malcolm – Chief Administrator – This is my 29th year at Camp Pemi. During the off-season I live at Northfield Mt. Hermon School. I am also a physical therapist. This past year I served as Pemi’s point person for all aspects of COVID-19 planning and preparation.

Nick Davini – Director of 16s Program – I’m from Plainfield, NH, and this is my thirteenth summer at Pemi. This year I’ll be directing the 16’s program, which will include service work at camp, backpacking the 100-Mile Wilderness and Katahdin, and canoeing the Allagash Waterway.

Dan Reed – Family Camp Director / Head of Waterskiing (1st Session) – During the year, I teach English and coach tennis (fall and spring) at Newark Academy in Livingston, NJ, where I’ll also take on the role of English Department Chair this fall. In my many years at Pemi, I’ve filled several roles in and out of the cabin, and I look forward to spending much of this summer on the ski boat with boys of all ages. In August, I’ll direct Pemi’s second annual Family Camp (check out the page on Pemi’s website!).

Allyson Fauver – Off-Season Administrator (& Treasurer of Camp Pemigewassett) – This year, I continue to help with parent support and forms (everyone’s favorite!). As a great-granddaughter of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, I’ve spent many beloved summers at Pemi. I split my time between Montana, New Hampshire, and Maine, and always look forward to crossing the bridge and returning to the shores of Lower Baker Pond.

Dottie Reed – Administrator – I cannot imagine a better place to be for summer 2021 than Pemi, surrounded by campers and staff. This is my 34th year and whether wearing a mask or not, you can bet I’ll be smiling! I’m eager to see how our veterans have grown since 2019, and to meet the new boys who are joining the Pemi family. I’m part of the administrative team that manages the inner workings of the camp season, and enjoy orchestrating the postings of our weekly newsletters and the Thursday/Sunday photos. Tom and I will be at Pemi until the leaves fall in mid-October, at which point we’ll head south to our 8-month, off-season home in Sarasota, Florida.

Victoria Malcolm – Office staff – I’m a rising senior at the Northfield Mount Hermon School where I’m on the varsity soccer, swim, and ultimate teams. I was born and raised at Pemi though I spent many summers at Camp Runoia.

Cabin Staff

CC – cabin Counselor / AC – Assistant Counselor

J1 – Nolan Katcher (CC) – Hello! I am from Needham, MA, just outside Boston. I just completed my Sophomore year at American University where I am on a pre-law track. I am so excited to return to Camp Pemi for my 10th summer. I am looking forward to coaching Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis, and helping out in the Nature and Music programs.

J1 – Henry Moore (AC) – Hi, I’m from South Portland, Maine where I’m a rising senior at Waynflete school. This will be my eighth summer on the shores of Lower Baker and my first year on staff. Some of my favorite activities as a camper were ultimate frisbee, tennis, and environmental sculpture, and I can’t wait to teach them this year. I look forward to a safe and fun-filled  summer with all of you!

J1 – Alice Riley (see Trip Leaders)

J2 – Pierce Haley (CC) – Hello! I’m 20 years old and I’m from Boston, MA. I am currently a rising junior at Colgate University studying political science and Spanish. I am beyond excited to be returning for my tenth summer at Camp Pemi where I will be primarily involved in music and sailing. I can’t wait to see what this historic summer has in store!

J2 – Beanie Lawrence (PS; Head of Drama) – Hi everyone! I’m so excited for my second summer at Pemi. I’m based in NYC for most of the year, so I can’t wait to trade buildings for trees. As the Head of Drama, I look forward to seeing you on stage, in the wings, or in the audience!

J3 – Nicholas Gordon (Division Head; CC) – Hello! I am from Hopewell, New Jersey, but currently live in New York City. I just finished my junior year at New York University studying Religious Studies and Music Education as I discern a call to ministry in the Episcopal Church. In addition to my studies I would consider myself an amateur naturalist who specializes in birds, butterflies, and botany. This summer will be my 13th at Pemi and you will most likely find me either in the Nature Lodge or down in Junior Camp!

J3 – Teo Boruchin (AC) – Hello! I am 17 years old and I am from Stamford CT. I spent 4 years as a camper at Pemi and cannot wait to be back as a staff member! I am a high school student, and I plan on going into Psychology. I love being outside, social and active, and in my alone time, I enjoy reading, playing video games, playing an instrument, or watching a good movie. This summer I plan to be involved in the music program, as well as take part in hikes and trips!

J3 – Katie Pina (PS; Art) – Hello! It will be my first year at Pemi helping with the nature and art programs. I’m from New York and go to school at NYU where I study environmental science and pre-med. Besides that, I love making different types of art, cooking for my friends, and hopefully, soon, more traveling. I’m really eager to bring what I’ve learned in my classes to Pemi and see everyone’s cool, new art styles!

J4 – Edouard Long (CC) – Hello! I’m 20 years old and live in London, UK. I spent three years as a Pemi camper (when I was 9, 11 and 13) and am returning for my first Pemi session as a camp counsellor. I had so much fun as a camper and so am very excited to be returning to Pemi once again. I am an aspiring medic and have an offer to read medicine at King’s College London so am planning to start this fall. I love everything outdoors and can’t wait to meet everyone this summer!

J4 – Eli Brennan (AC) – I am super excited for my tenth summer at Pemi! I am from Weston, Connecticut. I just graduated from high school and will be starting my freshman year at the University of Maryland in the fall, pursuing a major in aerospace engineering. This summer I am excited to be teaching in the Nature Lodge, participating in drama, and helping out with swimming. I missed coming to Pemi last summer, so I can’t wait to make up for lost time!

J4 – Michaella Frank (PS; Head of Music) – I am from Cleveland, Ohio and am studying Music Therapy at Cleveland State University. This will be my sixth summer at Camp Pemi and I am so excited to be back. I will be leading the music program, coaching basketball, lifeguarding, and anything else I can lend a hand in!

J5 – Sam O’Hara (CC) – Hi everyone! I’ve been with Pemi since 2013 as a camper. I am a sophomore in engineering at Purdue University and this summer will be my first on staff. I have fond memories of my time as a camper–specifically hiking, playing sports, and engaging in the nature program. Hopefully now I can share some of these same experiences with the next generation of campers! Thanks to everyone for making this season possible and I’ll see you all in June.

J5 – Owen Gagnon (AC) – Hey there! I’m from Brooklyn New York and I’m a rising senior at Beacon High School in Manhattan. This will be my 7th year at Camp Pemi, 6 as a camper, and my 1st as a counselor. I cannot wait to spread my love of the outdoors and sports, specifically baseball, with the campers this year! Can’t wait to get the summer underway!

J6 – Ali Sheikh (CC) – I was a camper at Pemi in 2011 and 2012, and an AC in 2019. This year I’ll be a cabin counselor specializing in waterfront activities among other things.

J6 – Thomas Nielsen (AC) – Hello! I’m a rising senior from Wellesley, MA. This will be my 6th summer at Pemi and my first on staff. I’m a competitive swimmer and I also play tennis and run track. I’m looking forward to helping campers get better at swimming and helping out wherever else I can. I’m excited to make this summer a great one.

L1 – Arlo Grey (CC) – I am 19 years old and live in Jamaica Plane, Mass. I’ll be starting my Sophomore year at Umass Dartmouth this summer and will be playing on the men’s Soccer team. I’m proud to say I was a camper at Pemi from 2013-2017. I’ll be teaching soccer this summer and possibly track and arts and crafts.

L1 – Nelson Snyder (AC) – I was a camper at Pemi for five years and this is my first year as a counselor. I love to hike, play and coach sports, and I love photography. I plan on being a supportive assistant counselor and hopefully be able to coach some lacrosse and teach photography to campers wanting to learn more.

L2 – Sam Maynes (CC) – I’m from nearby Hanover, New Hampshire and I’m an incoming junior at nearby Plymouth State University where I study Geography and Spanish. Growing up in New Hampshire, I love to be outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, snowboarding, swimming, hammocking, and playing sports are some of my favorite things to do. This is going to be my first summer at Camp Pemi and I’m excited to join the family. I’m looking forward to baseball, soccer, hiking in the Whites, and just being outside!

L2 – Simon Taylor (AC) – Hello! I am from Alexandria, VA and this will be my 7th summer at Pemi. I have just graduated from Woodberry Forest School, which is a boarding school in Virginia. Some of my interests are Wrestling, Sailing, Lacrosse, and Woodworking. I plan on teaching swimming, woodworking, lacrosse, and sailing.

L3 – Bennett Braden (Co-CC) – I have been spending my summers at Pemi since 2015.  I am from Westchester, New York, and I am a rising senior at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  My interests are hiking and lacrosse, and I plan to do both this summer.

L3 – Quinn Markham (Co-CC) – I’m from Fairfield, CT. I was a camper for five years and this is my first on staff. This fall I’m going to be studying Entrepreneurship at High Point University in North Carolina. I like frisbee, nature, and playing guitar, so hopefully you’ll see me in the Nature Lodge, on the fields, or around the campfire this summer. I missed camp a lot last summer, so I’m looking forward to a great 2021 season.

L4 – Josh Scarponi (Division Head; CC) – I’m very excited to return to Camp Pemi for my second summer! I’m from Canterbury, New Hampshire, a small town just north of Concord, NH (Exit 18 on i93). I had an incredible first summer in 2019, and I’m eager to return to Pemi after missing out last year. I plan to teach Soccer, Lacrosse and help out in the Shop. I can’t wait to get some quality time outside and away from screens!

L4 – Cameron McManus (AC) – I am 17 years old from Belmar NJ and a first year AC at Pemi. Previously I spent six summers at Pemi as a camper and can say without doubt they were the best summers of my life. I have a knowledge and interest of sports, archery, and hiking. I plan to help and teach in Archery, Lacrosse, nature, and the waterfront. I will also be around to help with any needs a camper may have and will help as much as I can.  I look forward to having a fun and memory-making summer at Pemi.

L5 – Sam Seaver (CC) – Hi! I am from Norwich, Vermont and am currently a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This is my sixth summer at Pemi and my second on staff. I will be a cabin counselor and will be instructing/helping with tennis, soccer, and waterskiing this summer.

L5 – Luke Larabie (AC) – Hi everybody. I’m from Vero Beach, FL. Back home my hobbies include skateboarding, playing guitar, surfing, and building my motorcycle. I was a camper here for 3 years and I’m excited to start my fourth year here on staff! I plan on helping out with the musical side of things around camp and spend most of my time down at the boat house helping people sail.

L6 – Will Raduziner (CC) – I am incredibly stoked for my ninth summer at camp and my second year on staff. I am from Boulder, Colorado and just finished my third year at Cal Poly studying environmental management and forestry. I am looking forward to spending my summer in the nature lodge, boat house, and archery range!

L7 – Will Katcher (CC) – After a long pandemic year, I am thrilled to be returning to Pemi for my ninth summer and fourth on staff. I’m originally from Needham, MA and graduated last month from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in journalism. This summer, I’ll be working all over camp, from the Nature and Music Lodges to the athletic fields and waterfront. This is going to be a great summer at Pemi and I can’t wait to get it started!

U1 – Jake Cronin – (CC) This summer will be my 8th at Pemi and second on staff. I grew up in Westchester, NY and I am now a rising junior at Penn State University where I study materials science engineering with a minor in mathematics. I’m a huge sports fan, rooting for an interesting mix of teams/players including the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Eagles, Everton, Stan Wawrinka and Penn State football (We will win the Big10 next year, mark my words!). My specialties here at camp are soccer and tennis. I also love music and play the piano and saxophone. I’m thrilled to be back, and can’t wait for another fantastic 7 weeks!

U1 – Jack Davini (see Trip Leaders)

U2 – Charlie Scott (CC) – Hello! This will be my 11th year at Pemi and my third on staff. I am going to be a junior next year at Plymouth State University, where I am studying communications and media studies. At Pemi I will mostly be teaching soccer, however, I will also be working with the waterfront and helping out in the nature lodge.  I am looking forward to this historic summer at Pemi and can’t wait to bring life to the shores of Lower Baker Pond again.

U3 – Jarrod Henry (Division Head; CC) – I hail from the flatland state of Missouri. I plan on becoming a Commercial Airline pilot and am well on my way as I have acquired my Private, Instrument, and Commercial pilot ratings. As this is my eighth summer at camp, Pemi is very near and dear to my heart and I am honored to return on staff and teach Tennis, Swimming, Water Sports and Ultimate Frisbee. Can’t wait for another great summer on the shores of Lower Baker!

U3 – Nick Paris (AC) – I am from New York but I have recently moved to Connecticut. I am 18 years old and this will be my 8th summer at Pemi. My interests are cooking and making music, and at Pemi I hope to teach wild foods, songwriting, beginners guitar,  butterflies and moths. and improv to name a few. Above all else though I could not be more excited to work at Pemi. It has been a goal of mine for the past 4 years and I can not wait to start the summer.

U4 – Ben Ackerman – Hi! I am returning to Pemi this summer for my 7th summer (first year on staff). I am a sophomore at Brown University, and I live in Hingham, MA. I look forward to having a great summer filled with time on the water, hiking trips, and domination on the ping pong tables.

U4 – Thaddeus Howe – (see Trip Leaders)

U5 – Evan Lamlein – I am from Hingham, MA. In my free time, I love to mountain bike, ski (on the water and on the snow!), and work out. I have spent seven years at summer camp and cannot wait to provide the campers at Pemi with the same experience that I was given. My goal is to teach anyone and everyone how to water ski while having some fun on the water.

S1 – EJ Burnett – Hi! I am from Seattle Washington. this will be my first year as a camp counselor at Pemi. I will be coaching baseball and kayaking. In my free time I like to exercise, hike, and explore. I am very excited to meet you all this summer.

S2 – Jack O’Connor – Hi all! I’m from New Canaan, Connecticut and I’m a rising senior at Bowdoin College. At Bowdoin I study international relations and economics, am a captain of the club tennis team, and play piano in the jazz ensembles. I was a Pemi camper from 2010-2014, went on Pemi West in 2015, and returned as an Assistant Counselor in 2016. This summer I plan on helping with the tennis, music, and sailing staff. I’m thrilled to be back on the shores of Lower Baker!

S3 – Cole Valente – Hello! I am a recent graduate of Dickinson College. This will be my sixth summer at Pemi, spending three as a camper and three as a counselor. Like many of us, I am excited to return to the familiar shores of Lower Baker after this trying past year. I look forward to being involved with swimming, water polo, and Bean Soup this summer.

LT – Nick Bertrand (First Session) – I am thrilled to be returning for my 14th summer with Pemi. I am a NH native growing up just 40 minutes away from camp, but I have spent the past 5 years living in Cleveland Ohio. At camp I teach Soccer, Baseball, and Tennis, as well as help out on the waterfront and wherever else I may be needed around camp. Unfortunately this summer I will only be able to be at camp for the first session as I am launching my professional career as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Medpace at the end of July!

LT – Matt Cloutier (Second Session) – I am delighted to return to Pemi, if only for a half-season. This is my fourth summer on staff and before that there were many as a camper. Most of my instruction will be with the Nature Program, but you can find me on the sports fields or fielding late entries around the campfire circle. Since graduating from Middlebury college in 2019, I’ve worked in radio and podcasts. I currently produce for NPR and have done stories that can trace their origin to interests found and nurtured right here at camp.

Trip Leaders

Sam Papel – Head of Trips –  Hi, I’m from Nashville, TN. I spent 8 summers at camp as a boy, and I’m looking forward to my 6th summer on staff. I’ll be heading up our trip program for the second summer, and occasionally get the chance to teach Weird Science or Ultimate frisbee.

Jack Davini – This is my 12th summer by Lower Baker Pond. The rest of this year I’ve been a health club receptionist. At camp I’ll be guiding hikes and can’t wait to share the depths of the White Mountains and enjoy the open air of Pemi!

Thaddeus Howe – This will be my sixth summer at Pemi and second on staff! I’m looking forward to leading boys on hiking trips throughout the beautiful White Mountains this summer. I’ve spent the past year taking time off from school, first to volunteer for Americorps out in Arizona and then to tutor a pod of high school freshmen back in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. In the fall I’ll be heading back to school for my second year at Dartmouth College, where I study Latin and History and am a walk-on member of the Lightweight Rowing team.

Alice Riley – I am so excited to be joining the Pemi Staff as a trip leader this summer! I am a New Hampshire native, but now spend most of my year at Kenyon College in Ohio, where I am majoring in History and run for the cross country and track teams. I can’t wait to explore the mountains with Pemi campers this summer!

Dave Robb – Special Trip Liaison – 

Reilly McCue – Special Trip Liaison –  My first summer at Pemi was 1987 when I was a camper in Senior 3 with Phil Burnett as my counselor. I returned as an AC in 1989 and continued to work at camp into the early 2000s. After my first two summers as an AC I was also a cabin counselor for a summer and then a trip guide for the remaining years. Pemi has been the only ‘real’ job that I have ever had. Since my last summer at camp I have continued to take people into the woods and waters of New England under the guise of a hunting and fishing guide. My real passion is teaching people about the outdoors and how all life is intertwined. I will be coming out of retirement this summer and returning to Pemi to act as Nick Davini’s left hand man with the 16s on Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Program Staff

Wendy Young – Head of Program – I joined Pemi in 2018. As Head of Program, I work with all of the program heads to create and oversee the weekly schedule for the boys and staff. A former UNH college athlete, I enjoy all sports as well as the summer camp life. During the school year I serve as the Head Athletic Trainer at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts, with 24 years of experience.

Michaella Frank – Head of Music – I am from Cleveland, Ohio and am studying Music Therapy at Cleveland State University. This will be my sixth summer at Camp Pemi and I am so excited to be back. I will be leading the music program, coaching basketball, lifeguarding, and anything else I can lend a hand in!

Deb Kure – Head of Nature Program – Studying Geology at the University of Rochester sparked my love of Field Trips, and of learning and teaching outside. I’ve led outdoor science programs for the 27 years since then, through camps, museums, and trips programs throughout the U.S. Working in urban, rural, and wilderness settings, in 24 different program types, for 14 institutions, in a wide range of ecosystems, has built my perspective on the value of shared transformational experiences in the outdoors, for all ages. During this unusual school year I worked as an Educator for Sierra Nevada Journeys in Reno, NV, leading field programs with 1st through 5th graders, and learned STEM Education from the inside, working in Production in the Gigafactory. I’m thankful to be in my 14th season with Pemi, now as Nature Program Director.

Beanie Lawrence – Head of Drama – Hi everyone! I’m so excited for my second summer back at Pemi. I’m based in NYC for most of the year, so I can’t wait to trade buildings for trees. As the Head of Drama, I look forward to seeing you on stage, in the wings, or in the audience!

Will Meinke – Head of Staff – Hello! I’m thrilled to be back for my fifteenth summer at Pemi! I’m from Westport Connecticut and will be involved in the waterski and soccer programs as well as taking on Head of Staff responsibilities this year. I’m looking forward to another exciting summer on Lower Baker!

Harry MacGregor – Head of Shop (First Session) – My name is Harry MacGregor, but at Pemi, they call me Harry-O! I am happy to be back back at Pemi to run the Wood Shop for the first part of the summer, after a few summers away. During the year I live in Canaan, NH, with my wife Nancy.  I am retired but to keep myself busy I like to build anything and everything in my shop at home.

Chris Johnson – Head of Tennis – I am looking forward to my 7th summer on the shores of Lower Baker where I will continue as Head of Tennis and begin transitioning to my new role as Athletic Director. I am from Avon Lake, Ohio where I teach 4th grade, coach high school tennis, and serve as Vice President of the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association. My son, Clayton, will be enjoying his 4th summer at Pemi and I am also joined at camp by my wife, Ashley, my daughter, Lauren, and our two dogs, Chloe and Baker.

Molly Malone – Head of Waterskiing (2nd Session) – Hi! I will be the head of waterskiing for the 2nd half of camp.  My passion in life is slalom waterskiing, and I enjoying sharing my passion of skiing with others through getting people on the water.  I am from Wisconsin, and my ‘real job’ is a high school orchestra teacher where I have four concert orchestras and an auditioned, dancing orchestra called Wire Choir.  My primary instruments are violin and piano, which I continue to play in our local symphony and weekly at church. I am thrilled to be back in the White Mountains and on the water of Lower Baker Pond!!!

Deb Pannell – Head of Arts – I live in Seattle, Washington where I teach third grade at Seattle Country Day School.  I am counting the days until I return for my ninth summer of teaching art and the opportunity to reconnect with the Pemi community!

Enrique Polletta – Head of Wood Shop (2nd Session) – I am from Beverly, MA and my partner, two kids and I will be moving up to Fairlee in one week! I LOVE running in the woods and creating art from wood!

Larry Davis –This is my 51st (not counting 2020) year at Pemi. I ran the Nature Program from 1970-2019 and am now Associate Head of Nature Programs. I currently live in Concord, NH. I am Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven and hold a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Rochester. In 2018 I received the Non-formal Environmental Educator Award from the New England Environmental Alliance. I am a serious amateur flutist, love to cook, love to travel  (got my 49th state in March, 2021), collect waterfalls, and ‘geologize’ whenever I can.

Taiko Pelick – Pianist and Head of Archery – Hi! I’m excited to be back for my third summer at Pemi as the camp pianist!  A native of Florida, I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas. During the school year, I am an adjunct professor of piano at Mountain View College and Tarrant County College and also serve as staff collaborative pianist at Texas Christian University. I look forward to sharing my love of music with the campers, playing piano in the mess hall, and helping out on the archery range. I’m excited to spend another very special summer on the shores of Lower Baker and am grateful to be a part of the Pemi community.

Jud Landis – Program Staff – I’m a native of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but have lived in the Western US for most of my adult life. I was a Pemi Trip Counselor in the late 1980s and early 90s, now happily returning after my recent retirement from a career teaching Science at Sheldon High School in Eugene, Oregon. I’m looking forward to teaching in the Nature program, and to re-joining the Pemi family, who significantly informed my approach to teaching and learning as I was starting out in the world of education.

Katie Pina – Program Staff – Hello! I’m Katie and it will be my first year at Pemi helping with the nature and art programs. I’m from New York and go to school at NYU where I study environmental science and pre-med. Besides that, I really love making different types of art, cooking for my friends, and hopefully soon more traveling. I’m really hoping to bring some of the stuff I’ve learned in my classes to Pemi and also see everyone’s cool, new art styles!

Ted McChesney – Head of Waterfront – I’m from Richmond, VA and am a Pemi veteran of 11 years: 6 as a camper (starting in 1999) and 5 as a staff member. I’m thrilled to be returning to Pemi after a decade-long absence. I am currently getting my feet wet in the teaching profession so I can keep coming back to Pemi!

Pemi’s Essential Workers

…the hard workers who keep the entire Pemi community healthy, well fed, clean, and safe: our wizards of the kitchen, health center, and maintenance teams.

Kitchen Team

Tom Ciglar – Head of Dining Services – During the winter I live in Rindge, NH with my wife Anna, our son Jon, and our dog Bonden. I’m excited to have Anna join my kitchen staff this season. In the off season I’m part of the administrative team at Hampshire Country School, focusing on program. I’m looking forward to my 20th season at Pemi.

Anna Ciglar – Assistant chef – This will be my first summer back at Pemi in a few years and my 13th summer total. It will be nice to join my husband Tom on staff. During the school year I work at Hampshire Country School as a cook. I am an artist, and a second degree black belt.

Michael McMurray – Assistant chef –  Hello Camp Pemi! I will be working with Tom Ciglar in the Camp Pemi kitchen to fuel your summer fun. I live in Milton Mills, NH. It is a small village of about 250 people and is part of Milton, NH. I am looking forward to another great season at Pemi!

Nancy Cushman – Assistant chef – I live in West Fairlee, Vermont. This will be my 15th summer at Pemi. The rest of the year I work in a small elementary school with preschoolers. At camp, I will be helping prepare breakfast and baking all the yummy treats the staff and children get to enjoy.

Connie Vergara – Kitchen Volunteer – Hi, my name is Constanza, but I much prefer Connie because it is easier. I am originally from Chile. I am 22 years old. I moved to the U.S two years ago to study. I am about to transfer to Umass Amherst this Fall 2021. I am looking forward to working with everybody here and learn everything about a summer camp. I also look forward to doing a lot of hiking, walks, and fun conversations with everybody. I am super excited about this new experience.

Andres Salinas – Kitchen Staff –  Hello, this will be my first year at Camp Pemigewassett as a member of the Kitchen staff. I’m currently living in Pittsburgh, PA and I’m attending CCAC as a culinary art student.  I enjoy playing tennis and reading books.

Kat Orlow – Kitchen Staff – This will be my first summer at Pemi, and I will be working in the Kitchen. When I am not working this summer, I will likely be walking around taking photos, sketching in my notebook, or trying to get out on the water in a sailboat. I want to take full advantage of being in New Hampshire this summer instead of just being at home in NYC.

Quetzi Ramirez – Kitchen Staff –  Hello there! I am a 21-year-old woman from Acapulco, Mexico with the genuine desire to finally meeting all of you. I love nature and I hope all of you enjoy our beautiful landscapes as much as I will. I also enjoy reading Celtic mythology and my favourite song is La Prima Estate  by Erlend Oye, a Norwegian Singer. To all Camp Pemi members, remember you have a friend in me to talk any inconvenience!

Ricardo Hincapie – Kitchen Staff – Hello everybody, I’m 26 years old, I study second year of physiotherapy, I come from Colombia and it’s my third year at Pemi’s Kitchen.

Medical Team

Rachael Vigeant – Head of Health Staff –  I joined the Pemi family in 2019, bringing over 20 years experience in healthcare, including maternal/fetal medicine, pediatrics, and urgent care. I am a K-8 public school nurse in rural New Hampshire, where I lives with my husband, three children and four dogs. I’m active in the world of canine sports and fitness, and compete nationally with my two labradors alongside my son, Lowell, who is a Pemi camper.  Being a part of Camp Pemi has been such an honor and fulfilling experience. I’m so fortunate to be able to do what I love, in a place I love! 

Danie Graviette – Health Staff –  Hi! I am originally from Shawnee, Ks, which is a suburb right outside of Kansas City. I am currently attending the University of Central Missouri studying Health Studies with a minor in Business Administration. As a part of my ongoing education, I will be accomplishing my internship with Pemi this summer by assisting the nurses in the Health Center. At school you can often find me involved with extracurricular activities and taking on many leadership roles. Outside of school and organizations, I love to be involved with intramural sports, especially volleyball!

Callie Rees – Camp Nurse – Hi, I am a registered nurse and recent nursing graduate of Colby-Sawyer College. I’m from the Upper Valley of Vermont. I have prior experience working as a camp nurse and am looking forward to my first summer at Camp Pemi!

Jamie Bubar – Camp Nurse –I am from Alton NH and am a high school nurse during the school year and work at a hospital during the summer months. I have been a nurse now for 15 years and for the past 5 years have been primarily working with children. I have two sons of my own so it will be a natural fit for me to be at Pemi this summer. I love being outdoors and staying active. I can’t wait to be a part of the camp this year!

Liz Silloway – Camp Nurse, week one – I am a California native, a registered nurse, and the mother of a current camper. This will be my second summer helping out with the Health Center. I love to travel, hike with our 2 crazy doodle dogs and my favorite sport without hesitation is skiing.

Bronco Lear – Camp Doctor, week seven – I am coming back for my 3rd Pemi summer (2nd as staffer). My first as a green 21 year old out of college, now coming back as a camp doc for a week. My 14 year old is coming for his 3rd Pemi summer. I’m a sports med/family med doc born, bred, and still in Northeast Ohio.  I’ll join medical team for the last week of camp.

Maintenance Team

Reed Harrigan – Head of Buildings and Grounds – I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and graduated from Frostburg State College with a degree in Parks and Recreation. I decided that New England was where I wanted to be and took a job as recreational director at Waterville Estates, a resort community in Campton, NH. I then worked at a local high school, working with special education students and as a seasonal Forest Ranger in the White Mountain National Forest. I began working at Camp Pemi eleven years ago, first as a bus driver and maintenance person, then as an instructor in canoeing and kayaking. This is my eighth year as year-round Facilities and Grounds Director.

Jennifer Harrigan – I am a recently retired primary teacher. I had the privilege to work with the Staff Lodge Furnishings Committee this winter and enjoyed seeing this building come together! I began this camp season working as the Head of Staff Housing preparing the living spaces for the incoming Staff. And finally, I have joined the maintenance crew working to keep camp “ship shape!” I am looking forward to a great season!

Connie Ball – Buildings and Grounds – I grew up 10 miles from the camp, and am married with one son.

Frank Roberts – Buildings and Grounds – This will be my fifth season at Pemi working with the Buildings and Grounds crew. My wife Erica and I live in nearby Groton NH with our daughter Hazel and we’re eager to welcome a son in December. We enjoy growing organic vegetables, hiking, and canoeing. Looking forward to another exciting season on Lower Baker!

Dennis Thibodeau – Buildings and Grounds – This is my seventh season at Pemi and I live in Rumney, NH.

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