Sleeping & Eating

camper sweeping cabin porch at Camp Pemi

The Basics: Sleeping & Eating

Those things we count on, like sleeping and eating, are so much more fun when shared together at summer camp! Delicious meals during an active day and nighttime stories in the cabin at night create a welcome routine for us all.

Cabin Living

You’ll live with 6–10 other boys, depending on your age. Each cabin group has a counselor and most also have an assistant counselor. The counselor-camper relationship is special. Many of our counselors are former Pemi campers and vividly remember the guys they looked up to when they were your age as “fun, fair, and kind.” They want to give back in the same way. A Pemi tradition is for counselors to read aloud at night to the cabin! Within a short time, your cabin will become your home away from home. Living is simple, and it won’t take long for you and your cabin mates—no matter where everyone comes from—to become a “band of brothers,” leading to a summer-long sleepover of fun and friendship.

All cabins have electricity, and there are bathroom and shower facilities located in each division. You’ll have your own set of shelves for your clothing and belongings, so you get to unpack and fully settle into your home away from home.

cabin interior at Camp Pemi

Gather ’round the table!

Meals are served “family style” and are homemade by our own professional chefs and bakers. You’ll enjoy locally-grown produce, meats from nearby farms in Vermont and New Hampshire, and bread that is baked fresh daily, right in our own ovens. Pemi has been peanut-free since 2011.

You’ll always know where to sit since your cabin group eats together for certain weeks and, for other weeks, you’ll be assigned to different tables so you can meet and make friends with staff and boys from other cabins. Our oldest campers serve as waiters, a position of honor and responsibility and, for many, their first paying job.

Afternoon snacks, Sunday night cookouts, meals enjoyed around a campfire across the lake with your cabin mates, and special banquets offer extra variety. Announcements follow each meal, and every lunch and dinner experience is made complete with lively singing that rocks the rafters.

eating at camp