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2024 Pemi Staff

The 2024 Pemi season is finally upon us! We’re mere hours away from the start of Pemi’s 117th summer, and the staff here at camp can’t wait for the campers to arrive. Counselors are currently spread all across camp putting the finishing touches on all of our program areas to ensure everything is in tip-top shape for opening day. All we need now are the campers!

As you put your own finishing touches on packing and getting ready to travel to Lower Baker Pond, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a first batch of the 2024 Pemi staff. In this post you’ll meet Pemi’s directorial team, our program staff, the Health Center crew, and, most excitingly, the cabin staff. The cabin, trip, and assistant counselors this summer have over 240 combined years of Pemi experience, and those veterans are joined by a wonderful group of new faces. In a subsequent post, you’ll meet the rest of the Pemi team, including our Mess Hall staff, the buildings and grounds crew, visiting professionals, and more. The group you’re meeting today come from all across the United States and around the world, and they can’t wait to welcome the boys to Pemi. Without further ado, read on to meet this impressive group who will be providing Pemi campers with a safe, fun, and transformative summer!


Director of Pemi Ken Moore

Director – Kenny Moore

The 2024 summer marks my 32nd summer at Pemi and my 26th year on staff, with the last 11 years being a year-round Director! I love sharing the joy of Pemi with staff, alumni, parents and campers and can’t wait to have new and returning boys for the summer. During the non-summer months, my wife Sarah, son Winston, daughter Sally, and dog Burger, live in Avon Lake, OH just west of Cleveland.

Charlie Malcolm Camp Pemi Assistant Director

Assistant Director – Charlie Malcolm: I have been teaching history and coaching soccer for thirty-four years in independent schools. For the last twenty-four years I have been teaching at the Northfield Mount Hermon School. My first summer at Pemi was in 1976, and I spent three summers as a camper. My father attended Pemi in the late 1930s and early 1940s; Tom Reed Sr. was his counselor in Senior II. After three years as a camper, I returned to Pemi to work in maintenance before becoming a counselor in 1987. Since 1990 I have been the Camp’s Athletic Director until recently being named Assistant Director in 2021. This year I will be a utility player, supporting the program, the kitchen, grounds and maintenance, and trips. This will be my 40th summer at Pemi.

Pat Clare, Assistant Director of Camp Pemi

Assistant Director – Pat Clare: 2024 will be my fourth summer as assistant director, and my 15th summer at Pemi overall. I’m thrilled to welcome our amazing community of campers, staff, families, and alumni back to Pemi throughout the summer. I work year round for Pemi, so the summer months are a wonderful culmination of all the planning and preparation through fall, winter, and spring. Nothing beats the excitement of having us all together again. During the off-season I live in Boston. I’m joined at camp by my fiancé, Shannon, and my dog, Kemba, who’s excited for his fourth Pemi summer!

Assistant Director, Health & Wellness – Johanna Zabawa: I am a veteran staff member and great-granddaughter of one of Pemi’s founders, Edgar Fauver. During the fall, winter, and spring, I’m Pemi’s Lead Administrator and Registrar. During the summer, I am a member of Pemi’s senior leadership team with a primary focus on camper and staff health and wellness. In 2004, I participated in Pemi West, and the following year joined the Pemi staff. I led trips for a number of years, coached baseball, and in 2011, served as the first female Head of Staff at Pemi. I graduated from the University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work in 2013 and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). For the past ten years, I have been practicing clinical social work in a variety of therapeutic and community settings. Since 2017, I have been providing outpatient mental health therapy to adolescents at a public high school in Minneapolis, MN. I live in St. Paul, MN with my husband Nick and daughters Charlotte (4), and Holly (2).

Cabin Staff


Junior 1 – Landon Burtle – Cabin Counselor (CC): My name is Landon Burtle, and I have been with Pemi for nine years. I am from Arlington, Virginia, and currently am a student at the University of Virginia. I will be returning this year for my second summer on staff. I love nature, hiking, soccer and music, and hope to share that passion with the campers.

Junior 1 – Will Chapin – CC: Hi Guys! My name is Will and I’m from Hopkinton, NH. I just completed my first year at Dartmouth College. Before the pandemic I went to Pemi for three years and spent a lot of time playing soccer, waterskiing, woodworking, and hiking. I plan on being involved in all of these activities this summer. Last year I had an awesome time being the Junior Camp bugler and am very excited to be the main bugler this summer. I can’t wait to be back on Lower Baker for the summer to welcome new and returning campers alike!

Junior 2 – Eli Brennan – CC: I’m 21 years old and from Weston, CT. I am a rising senior at the University of Maryland where I am studying public policy. I am excited to return as a cabin counselor for my 13th summer on the shores of Lower Baker. When I’m not down in the cabin, I spend most of my time in the Nature Lodge teaching astronomy and Weird Science and coaching swimming at the waterfront. I look forward to coming to Pemi all year long, and I am ready to have a fantastic summer!

Junior 2 – Nathan Gonzalez – Assistant Counselor (AC): My name is Nathan Gonzalez, and I am from Austin, Texas (though I recently lived in Madrid, Spain for two years). I just graduated from high school and am headed to university in the UK in the fall to study mathematics and computer science. I love progressive rock music, and I play the piano, guitar, and drums. I am also a huge fan of Japanese language and culture after having taught myself Japanese in 10th grade. I was a Pemi camper from age 8 to 15 and am thrilled to be back as an AC!

Junior 3 – Tommy Christopher – CC: Hi, i’m Tommy. This will be my second year on staff at Pemi, and I’m proud to get the chance to be a counselor this year! I am a graduating senior at Boston Collegiate in Boston, Ma and will be enlisting in the air force after this summer. I hope to spend my summer coaching and playing sports with your boys and making the best out of the time we have together!

Junior 3 – Lewis Mason – CC: Hi, my name is Lewis, or mainly known as Lew. I am from Wales in the UK. This will be my first year in camp and as a counselor. I have a thriving passion for football, and I would love to educate and teach from my own experience. I cannot wait to meet the lads and want to give them a summer they will remember!

Junior 4 – Pierce Haley – CC: Hello! My name is Pierce Haley. I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Boston, MA. I am thrilled to be returning for my 12th summer at Pemi where I will be a cabin counselor. I’m looking forward, as always, to being involved in a little bit of everything that camp has to offer. I just completed a year of teaching English in Madrid, Spain. In my free time, I enjoy singing, playing guitar, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors.

Junior 4 – Joey Applebaum – AC: Hi! I’m Joey, and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I was a camper for two years in 2016 and 2017, and I’m really excited to be on the staff this year. I’ve played squash for 8 years and played on my high school team for the past 4. I am committed to playing at Hamilton College where I will be starting in the fall. I hope to teach tennis, pickleball, and swimming this summer!

Junior 5 – Evan Lovine – CC: My name is Evan Lovine, I was born in Boston and moved to Sarasota, Florida when I was 11. My interests are heavily revolved around sports, especially soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and football. I plan to teach and coach all of these sports and can’t wait for the summer.

Junior 5 – Riley Price – CC: Hello my name is Riley, I live in Wales, UK, and it is my first time in America as well as at Pemi. I’m looking forward to the new experiences that will come my way. I’m very excited to coach football and other different activities around camp. Looking forward to meet the lads and having a good summer!

Junior 6 – Ali Sheikh – Division Head: My name is Ali Sheikh. I was a camper at Pemi in 2011 and 2012, and this will be my fourth year serving on staff. I am especially excited to be stepping into the Junior Division Head role! I am from Concord, MA, and I have recently graduated from Bates College. At Pemi, I usually find myself running waterfront activities such as swimming and water skiing, as well as land based occupations like soccer, rugby, and lacrosse. I also love acting and may take part in the G&S show this summer. I am so excited to be back on the shores of Lower Baker and relish each day just as Metal Boy did many years ago.

Junior 6 – Owen Whitcombe – AC: Hi! My name is Owen, and I am from New Canaan, CT. I currently attend Northfield Mount Hermon School. I moved to the east coast from California in 2021 and was a camper at Pemi for a couple of summers since. My passion is soccer, so I’m especially excited to be out on the soccer pitch with you all. I’m looking forward to meeting you and having a great summer on the lake!


Lower 1 – Jacob Smalley – CC: My name is Jacob Smalley and I’m very excited to be back again at Pemi for my third summer on staff. I was a camper for 5 years and was a member of Pemi West in 2019, so this year will mark my ninth summer in total. I’m 21 and now a rising senior at St. Lawrence University, after just finishing up a year abroad in Spain. You’ll be able to find me all over camp but most commonly at the soccer fields playing and coaching, or the tennis courts, where I’ll likely be coaching and learning simultaneously.

Lower 1 – Owen Caligiuri – AC: Hi all! My name is Owen Caligiuri, and I am from Windsor, Connecticut. I just graduated from the Loomis Chaffee School and will be headed south to Dallas next school year to attend Southern Methodist University. I am a big fan of the outdoors, lacrosse, hockey, and music. I did not attend Pemi when I was younger; however, I am very excited to get to know everyone and experience everything Pemi has to offer!

Lower 2 – Owen Wyman – CC: Hello, I am from Westport, CT. I just finished my first year at Colorado College where I am studying Environmental Science. I am looking forward to my 10th summer on Lower Baker and second on staff. I am excited to be instructing Tennis and helping with plenty of other areas around camp.

Lower 2 – David Kriegsman – AC: Hi, I’m David Kriegsman, and I recently completed my junior year at Pierson High School on Eastern Long Island. I am looking forward to spending my ninth summer on the shores of Lower Baker, as well as my first on staff. I have interests in government and science at school, as well as being an avid follower of baseball. At Pemi, I plan to help out with the nature and baseball programs, as well as help campers with other areas of interest.

Lower 3 – Nelson Snyder – CC: My name is Nelson, and I am from Portland but going to school now at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City! I have been going to camp for ten years now – five as a camper and five as a counselor! I love everything Pemi has to offer and am especially excited to help coach soccer and lacrosse. So excited to see everyone!

Lower 3 – Tavi Machin – AC: Hey guys! My name is Gustavo, but I usually go by Tavi. I live in Houston, Texas and am going to college soon in California. I’m an avid reader, especially fantasy books, crocheter, and backpacker. This’ll be my first year at Pemi, and I’m very excited to work with you all as an assistant counselor!

Lower 4 – Nolan Katcher – Division Head: Hello! My name is Nolan Katcher, and I am from Needham, MA, just outside Boston. I just completed my first semester teaching US History at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in London. I am so excited to return to Camp Pemi for my 12th summer, and thrilled to fill the role of lower division head. This summer I am looking forward to coaching ultimate frisbee and tennis, and helping out in the nature and music programs.

Lower 4 – Will Silloway – AC: Hi, my name is Will, and I am super excited to be a counselor at Pemi this summer. I am a rising senior from California, and this will be my 9th summer at Pemi. I enjoy running, golf, and soccer, and I hope to coach soccer at camp. I hope that this will be an awesome summer!

Lower 5 – Finn Wilkins – CC: Hi, my name is Finn Wilkins, and I’m from Santa Cruz, CA. After wrapping up my freshman year at University of Oregon, I’m eager to return to the shores of Lower Baker for the first time in 5 years. I was a camper from ages 10 through 14, having my final year cut off by COVID, meaning I never got closure and have been itching to be back in Pemi culture ever since. I love to play sports, adventure in nature, and build strong memorable social connections.

Lower 6 – Ted Applebaum: Hello there, I’m Ted. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m super pumped to be back for my 11th summer at Pemi. During the year, I’m currently studying physics and computer engineering, and I enjoy skiing, hiking, and building assorted inventions out of whatever parts I can find (I swear it’s not trash). This summer, I’m looking forward to generally counseling a cabin and teaching lots of swimming, rocketry, and sailing.

Lower 7 – Lucas Gales: Hi I’m from South Burlington Vermont, this is my second year on staff, and 11th on the shores of Lower Baker. I just completed my sophomore year at the University of Tampa studying sports management and marketing. I’ll be helping out with baseball, in the Nature Lodge, and all around camp. I can’t wait for another great summer at Pemi.


Upper 1 – Owen Gagnon – CC: Hi i’m Owen, i’m from Brooklyn New York. This will be my 10th year at Camp Pemi, 6 as a camper, and fourth as a staff member. I cannot wait to spread my love of the outdoors and sports, specifically baseball, with the campers this year! Can’t wait to get the summer underway!

Upper 2 – Oliver Giraud – CC: Hi! My name is Oliver, I’m from Florida, and I have been a part of the Pemi family since I was 9. Next year is my sophomore year at Kenyon College where I recently declared that I am studying political science. In my free time I love to work out, play basketball, be outside, and am also in an all guys a cappella group at school. This summer I plan to coach a variety of sports such as basketball, baseball, and tennis. But honestly I like to be a part of everything I can, including art, music, and nature. Also can’t forget to let you know that T-day is one of my favorite days of the year. Can’t wait to meet you! It’s going to be a fantastic summer!

Upper 2 – Rahim Rehan – Trip Counselor: Hi, I am Raz, I’m from a place called Bristol in England, and I was in the British Army. This is my first time at camp and my interests are camping and hiking, and I will be doing these at camp. I’m excited to be leading Pemi trips out in the New Hampshire wilderness.

Upper 3 – Simon Taylor – Division Head: Hello, my name is Simon Taylor, and I will be the Upper Division Head. This will be my 10th summer at Pemi and fourth year back on staff. I am from Alexandria, VA. I am a rising junior at Gettysburg College, where I am a member of the wrestling team and study business and economics. I plan to teach lacrosse, swimming, sailing, water skiing, and woodshop at camp this summer.

Upper 3 – Barrett Bachner – AC: Hi, My name is Barrett Bachner, and I’m from Connecticut. This will be my sixth summer at Pemi and I’m immensely excited to be coming back. I’m interested in nature, hiking, and some of the athletics at camp. I’m excited to hopefully do some coaching with the ultimate frisbee team this summer, Pemi’s Flagship, and maybe try out some things I haven’t done much of in the past. Looking forward to hopefully joining along on some of the nature trips that run this year, and of course, eating some of the excellent food.

Upper 4 – George Fauver – CC: Hi, my name is George Fauver. I was a Pemi camper for five years and this is my third year on staff. I currently attend Bates College where I compete on the Varsity rowing team. At Pemi I spend a lot of my time teaching basketball, waterskiing, and anything on the sports fields.

Upper 4 – Gray Klasfeld – CC: My name is Gray Klasfeld, and I am originally from New York City. Currently, I am studying at the University of Boulder in Colorado. I was a camper at Pemi for six years but had to miss my 15s year due to COVID-19. I am excited to return to Pemi this year as a staff member, where I’m interested in coaching sports such as tennis, baseball, and basketball. I also look forward to sharing my experiences with new campers and making new memories.

Upper 5 – Evan Lamlein – CC: Hey! My name is Evan, and I am from the South Shore of Massachusetts. In my free time, I love to swim, bike, ski, watch good movies, and chat with my friends. I am excited to contribute to the campers’ experience at Pemi and hope that they enjoy their valuable time at camp as much as I did as a young lad. My goal this summer is to encourage campers to try new activities like waterskiing and promote a positive attitude around camp!


Senior 1 – Thomas Groot – CC: Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and I’m from the Netherlands, where I study history at the University of Amsterdam. This summer will be my first year at Pemi, and I’m pretty excited to meet you all! I’m mainly interested in music, soccer, and I’d love to find my way in all sorts of outdoor activities. Greetings from Amsterdam, see you guys soon!

Senior 2 – Ben Ackerman – CC: Hi! My name is Ben Ackerman, and I am returning to Pemi this summer for my 8th summer (second year on staff). I just graduated from Brown University and will be starting as a 1L at Harvard Law School this coming fall. I look forward to having a great summer filled with time on the water, hiking trips, and domination on the ping pong tables.

Senior 3 – Henry McLeod – Division Head: Hi! I’m Henry McLeod, I come from Windsor, UK and I’ve spent the past winter coaching rowing in Australia. I’m looking forward to returning to Pemi for my third summer. I’m going to be Senior Division Head and helping out on the waterfront. I’m looking forward to Mess Hall singing, camp fires, and catching up with everyone after 10 months away!

Lake Tent & Head of Staff – Josh Scarponi: My name is Josh “Scarp” Scarponi, and I’m looking forward to my sixth summer at Pemi! I am returning as head of staff, and I can’t wait to get back to camp and get some much needed quality time outside. I am most excited for Polar Bear, Bean Soup and Ciglar’s bread. We can’t wait to see you all back at LBP!

Program Staff

Program Staff – Evan Anderson: I am a Boston and Hartford based music educator, composer, and multi instrumentalist. I received my bachelor’s degree in composition from New England Conservatory of Music and my master’s at The Juilliard School. I am currently pursuing my doctorate at the University of Hartford. I am excited to be beginning my second year at Pemi! I will teach piano, music theory, songwriting, and improvisation with hopes to inspire campers to love these activities. When not pursuing music I enjoy hiking, exploring, and learning about nature, map making, and reading about history.

Trip Counselor – Scout Brink: This is my 9th summer at Pemi and my second year as a trippie! I teach middle school science in Massachusetts at the Meadowbrook School of Weston. When I’m off the trails and on camp I’ll be on the archery range or in the Nature Lodge.

Head of Archery – Steve Clare: Steve Clare here, Pemi’s Head of Archery & 13s soccer since 2015. Based in the southwest of England, I’m a freelance teacher supporting many secondary schools with specialist lessons. I’ve coached a variety of youth soccer teams & ages for 15 years & have coordinated a weekly community soccer programme for kids aged 5 – 11 since 2014. I love House music & occasionally DJ vinyl sets at events. Hoping to play a couple of ‘Cheeky Little Mixes’ from decks on the Mess Hall porch again like last summer! I’m looking forward to another summer helping the boys achieve their various goals, be it on the range, soccer pitch, or elsewhere.

Associate Head of Nature – Larry Davis: This is my 55th year at Pemi. I was Director of Nature Programs and Teaching from 1970-2019 and am now Associate Head of Nature Programs. I currently live in Concord, NH. I am Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven and hold a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Rochester. In 2018 I received the Non-formal Environmental Educator Award from the New England Environmental Alliance.I serve on the Board of New Hampshire Environmental Educators. I am a serious amateur flutist, love to cook, love to travel (got my 50th state in October, 2023!), collect waterfalls, and “geologize” whenever I can. Outside of geology, I learned almost everything else I know at camp. I hope to pass on that legacy to campers this summer and into the future.

Head of Tennis – Carl Earnshaw: Hi- I am very excited to be joining the Pemi family. I have several years of teaching both youth and adult tennis programs throughout New England and Hampton Roads of Virginia. I played college tennis at Metropolitan State University of Denver CO and was professionally trained with Washington Tennis Services (leader in Leisure Services Sports Management). In addition to teaching tennis, I have promoted pickleball as Ambassador with USA Pickleball Association (2013-2021). I am married and my wife Donna will be joining me at camp. We look forward to meeting all the staff and campers.

Head of Assistant Counselors & Head Waiter – Michaella Frank: Hello! This is my 10th summer at Pemi. I will be continuing my role as Head of Assistant Counselors and Head Waiter in the Mess Hall. Over the fall and winter, I completed my first year as a middle school music teacher at Newport Middle and High School. As always I look forward to seeing familiar faces of returning campers and building relationships with new ones!

Head of Drama – Patty Frank: It is with great excitement that I will be joining my daughter Michaella and the amazing campers and staff at Camp Pemi for my third summer as the drama director. My name is Patricia (Patty) Frank. Theatre is my passion, but I also have a B.S. in Secondary Education – Biology and a M.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland Univ. I have performed as an actress and dancer in too many shows to list; and I have directed and choreographed over 35 major productions at high school, community and regional theaters. For the past 8 years, I have been employed as the manager of the Dr. Daniel B. Ross Performing Arts Center in Avon Lake, OH. In addition to my managing duties, I teach a drama class and continue to direct 2 major productions a year. I also enjoy serving as a wedding consultant and creating floral bouquets and decorations for weddings, parties and other special events. I am looking forward to producing a Camp Pemi Showcase during session I and directing a play in session II.

Program Staff – Nick Gordon: Hello! My name is Nick Gordon, and I am from Hopewell, New Jersey, but currently live in New York City. I work as a lay church professional in the Episcopal Church doing advocacy, community organizing, and administrative work. In the fall I will be attending Berkeley at Yale Divinity School for my seminary training towards the priesthood. In addition to my studies and work, I would consider myself an amateur naturalist who specializes in birds, butterflies, and botany. This summer will be my 16th at Pemi, and you will most likely find me in the Nature Lodge!

Head of Woodshop – Brian Hoag: I was born and raised in NH, USN 82-86, Plymouth College 86-89, Pemi alumni 89-93,08. Teacher at Moultonborough Academy 90-2024. Varsity alpine coach 25+ years old, married with two teenagers, and living in Tamworth, NH. I enjoy hiking, skiing, and traveling. My activities include art, photography, and woodworking. I look forward to returning to Pemi and running the woodshop program this summer.

Head of Swimming – Margot Hoogers: I’m Margot, and I’m from England, living just south west of London in Windsor. I am currently in my second year at the University of Nottingham, studying English literature and language but don’t get me wrong I’m still obsessed with all things sporty. I’ve been competitively swimming since I was 9 and am now 20 years old. I am going to be teaching/coaching swimming at camp this year! This will be my second year as a staff member at Camp Pemi, and I’m so excited to get stuck in with teaching, socialising, and most of all swimming!

Chris Johnson Pemi Athletic Director

Program Staff – Chris Johnson: This will be the 11th summer I have had the privilege of being a part of Pemi. I plan on being on the tennis courts, various athletic fields, and helping the boys enjoy all of what Pemi has to offer. I am from Avon Lake, Ohio where I teach 4th grade, coach high school tennis, and serve as President of the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to coach my team to 3 State Championships and have been named Ohio Coach of the Year twice. I am married to my wonderful wife Ashley and have two children, Clayton and Lauren. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, playing various sports, and rooting on my beloved, yet very frustrating Cleveland sports teams.

Deb Kure Pemi Head of Nature

Head of Nature – Deb Kure: Studying Geology at the University of Rochester sparked my love of Field Trips, and of learning and teaching outside! I’ve led outdoor science programs since then, through camps, museums, and trips programs throughout the U.S. Working in 25 different program types, with 15 institutions, has built my perspective on the value of shared transformational experiences in the outdoors, for all ages! My husband Brian and I currently live in Austin, TX. During the school year I bring earth science and space science outreach programs into elementary and middle schools, anywhere in Texas! I’m thankful to be in my 17th summer with Pemi, and to be celebrating the Nature Program’s 100th Summer! PemiNature100!

Head of Trips – Jud Landis: JI am a native of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but have lived in the Western US for most of my adult life. I was a Pemi Trip Counselor in the late 1980s and early ’90s, and returned to the shores of Lower Baker in 2021 after my retirement from a career teaching Science at Sheldon High School in Eugene, Oregon. I live with my wife, Jeanne, in Eugene, tutoring students at my old school, gardening, and skiing when Jeanne and I aren’t traveling. I return as the Head of the Trip Program in 2024, and look forward to offering up a busy season of mountain expeditions in the best Pemi tradition.

Head of Fishing – Phil Landry: This will be my 12th summer at Pemi and my 8th on staff. I am from Mississippi originally, but now live in Franklin, Tennessee. I began fishing Lower Baker Pond as a boy in the late ’80’s and have guided fly-fishing trips for 20 years now in multiple states. I will be teaching all things sport-fishing this summer from rod-building to fly-tying. Watching kids catch fish is fun, but seeing them begin to develop a passion for it is pretty amazing in my book.

Office Staff – Ellie Madigan: This will be my first summer at Pemi, and I am super excited to see what it has in store! I am from Warner, New Hampshire and just graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors in Marine Biology and Wildlife & Conservation Biology. Growing up in New Hampshire gave me a love for the outdoors which I used in my position as the president of the URI Outing Club. In my free time I love to hike, ski, scuba dive, and read. I have worked on a wide range of research projects from urchins to coral reefs to seabirds and more. I plan to pursue seabird research and seasonal positions for a few years before returning to school to get my masters.

Head of Waterskiing – Molly Malone: Hi! My name is Molly Malone, and I will be the head of waterskiing for the 1st half of camp. My passion in life is slalom waterskiing, and I enjoying sharing my passion for skiing with others through getting people on the water. This past summer I took 8th at Nationals in Slalom! I am from Wisconsin, and my “real job” is a high school orchestra teacher where I have four concert orchestras and an auditioned, dancing orchestra called Wire Choir. My primary instruments are violin and piano, which I continue to play in our local symphony and weekly at church. I am thrilled to be back in the White Mountains and on the water of Lower Baker Pond!!!

Head of Canoeing – Helena Singleton: Hi, I’m Helena! I’m from Nottingham, UK and have spent the last year coaching rowing in Australia. I’m really looking forward to my first summer at Pemi where I will be leading the canoeing activities and helping out on the waterfront. I’m so excited to get to camp and experience everything Pemi has to offer!

Program Staff – Megan Spindler: My name is Megan Spindler, and this will be my second summer at Pemi! I am from New Hampshire, and I am a rising senior at Connecticut College where I study botany and music. This summer I will be teaching in the nature program, coaching ultimate frisbee, and teaching music as well. Some of my favorite things to do in my free time are reading, writing poetry, and singing. After a semester abroad in Vienna, I am excited to return to Pemi and have a wonderful summer with you all!

Head of Program – Wendy Young: I joined Pemi in 2018. As Head of Program, I work with all of the program heads to create and oversee the weekly schedule for the campers and staff. A former UNH college athlete, I enjoy all sports as well as the summer camp life. During the school year I serve as the Head Athletic Trainer at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts, with 27 years of experience.

Program Staff & Camp Photographer – Ludmila Zamah: I am from Kansas City and Toronto and live in Connecticut, where I have been teaching Arabic and French, supervising community service programs, and serving as an affiliate for a boys’ dorm at the Loomis Chaffee School for the past 11 years. I have worked for 10 summers at Concordia Language Villages, including as French business manger and most recently the Arabic dean. In my spare time, I study classical Indian dancing, jog, do yoga, and freelance in photography. I am excited to return to Camp Pemi as camp photographer and yoga/art activity leader. For my second year on staff, I have decided to take the plunge and work for the whole summer with my twin boys (Saleem and Yaseen) in tow, and I am also happy to be serve on the DEI Committee for Pemi as well.

Health Center Staff

Nurse – Kimberly Ward: Hi! My name is Kimberly and I am very excited to be one of the camp nurses this summer. I have worked at many summer camps in the past but this is my first summer at Pemi. I am from Kansas, but have lived all over in the past several years. I love camp culture and enjoy spending time outdoors in nature as there is so much to learn when we are fully immersed in its wild beauty. Some of my favorite activities are kayaking and rock climbing. Happy Summer!

Nurse – Kendra Wiesel: My name is Kendra Wiesel, and I am so excited to return to the Camp Pemi Health Center for first session this summer! I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years, the last 8 of which have been spent as a school nurse. My family and I live in Connecticut with our chocolate lab, Hadlee. My twin sons, Max and Luke, are 14 and will be first-session campers this year as well. When not at camp, I enjoy spending time at the beach on Cape Cod, reading and exercising.

Nurse – Tami Harrah: Hi! I’m thrilled to be a part of the upcoming summer at Camp Pemi, my third here. I’ve been a school and camp nurse for my entire career. I live and work as a nurse at an all boys, independent school in NY state. I enjoy reading, golf and hiking.

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The Pemi experience provides innumerable opportunities for boys to have fun, try new activities, improve ...

2023 Newsletter #7

Greetings from Pemi! Hard as it is to believe, we’re well into the final ...

2023 Newsletter #6

Camp Pemi and our friends from Camp Tecumseh on Lake Winnipesaukee have engaged in a ...

2023 Newsletter #5

Hello from Wentworth! The second session of Pemi’s 116th summer continues to benefit from ...

2023 Newsletter #4

Greetings from sunny Wentworth! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it’s ...

2023 Newsletter #3

Hello from the shores of the expanded Lower Baker Pond! It’s been quite a ...

2023 Newsletter #2

Hello from the shores of Lower Baker Pond! On the heels of a wonderful celebration ...

2023 Newsletter #1

Greetings from Camp Pemigewassett! I’m thrilled to be sharing the first newsletter of the 2023 ...

2023 Pemi Staff

We’re under two days away from the opening of Pemi’s 116th summer! Our ...

Waiters & Camp Aides

As boys progress through their Pemi journey, the opportunities for new adventures and leadership increase. ...

Birthdays at Pemi

What could be better than getting to celebrate your birthday once a year, every year? ...

Reading After Taps

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever been around boys aged 8...

2022-2023 Pemi Board Updates

Last fall, Pemi’s Board of Directors welcomed two new members and also saw the ...

Defining Photos of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close and winter begins to rear its head in earnest across ...

2022 16s Trip

In many ways, the 2022 Pemi West trip could be described as a homecoming. Our first ...

Bertha Hofstra Fauver – September 23, 1920 – October 1, 2022

We are saddened to share the news that Bertha Fauver died on October 1, just one ...

115th Reunion Newsletter!

After a hugely successful 2022 season, including record attendance at our third annual Family Camp, members ...

fireworks at Camp Pemi

Welcome back Johanna Zabawa!

I’m thrilled to share that Johanna Zabawa, a veteran staff member and great-granddaughter of ...

Karl Grafton See – October 2, 1970-September 9, 2022

Karl Grafton See, consummate Pemi boy, counselor, and lifelong friend, has died in Duxbury, MA ...

banner image newsletter 8

2022 Newsletter #8

Greetings from Camp Pemigewassett! I’m writing, sadly, not from the placid shores of Lower ...

2022 Newsletter #6

Good afternoon from yet another beautiful day in Wentworth, The weather here at Pemi continues ...