Packing & Gear

Boys do better at settling into new surroundings when sufficient time has been set aside to pack in a calm and efficient way, and when they've been centrally involved in the packing process. (Yes, this photo is really from the Pemi archives!)

A black and white photo from the early days of Camp Pemi, showing a truck loaded with trunks

Packing for Camp

Parents often say they want their son to become more organized and to take better care of his belongings. But how can he be expected to take responsibility for his things at camp if he doesn’t know what he’s brought, especially if shoes and t-shirts have been purchased recently? It might take longer, but his being centrally involved in packing for camp teaches your son responsibility and the importance of preparation, and he’ll be less likely to misplace his belongings at camp. Even the youngest of campers can help pack; just pull out a stack of t-shirts, shorts, pants, etc. and allow him to choose the suggested number of each. There is no need to buy all new clothing for camp; “old faithfuls” from home will do just fine. The goal is to have your son arrive well-prepared but not overloaded. Stick to the numbers offered on the packing list or, if you just can’t resist, throw in extra socks.

Here’s your: Pemi Packing List 

View the: 2021 Camp Spot Pemi Catalog

Order Pemi logo wear and gear from: The Camp Spot

Pemi uniform

The only required items are Pemi logo t-shirts (any style; cotton or wicking): 2 navy / 1 white / 1 grey. These are available through The Camp Spot, our clothing supplier. In addition to t-shirts, the Camp Spot has plenty of optional clothing and gear that you can purchase. (If you order early from the Camp Spot, they will put name tags in for you!)

Pack in duffels, not a hard trunk

There is no room to store trunks while at camp. Each camper has a set of shelves to call his own where he keeps his clothes and other belongings. If you plan to ship a duffel to camp ahead of time via UPS, use the address found in Contact. We can ship the duffel home for you at the end of camp and the UPS fee will be charged to your son’s Camper Expense Account. Be sure to indicate this on the Travel Form when asked about luggage.

Weekly laundry

Each boy receives a sturdy bag for use while at Pemi, labeled with his name and cabin. Laundry is picked up once a week by E&R Cleaners and returned 2 days later. (Boys still pack a personal laundry bag or pillow case to hold laundry for the time when his “official” laundry bag is out of camp.)

Bedding for camp

While boys should bring a sleeping bag for overnights away from camp and very cold nights in camp, they sleep on sheets and should bring TWO (2) sets: 2 flat sheets, 2 fitted sheets, and 2 pillowcases. Each Sunday, boys strip their beds, send those sheets to the laundry, and remake their beds with the second set. A great habit to develop!

Rental bedding is available for international campers

Boys who live in the US supply their own bedding. Campers from outside the US may rent 3 blankets, 4 sheets, 2 pillow cases, and a pillow. The charge is $55.00 per half season, and $110.00 for the full season. Please inform camp if you wish to take advantage of this service.

Label, label, label everything!

EACH and EVERY item should be labeled with first and last name, or the first initial of the first name and the full last name. Every shoe, flashlight, tennis racquet, towel, water bottle, daypack, pillowcase, and baseball cap. Everything! Name tags are best; permanent marker is fine but write clearly. (If you order early from the Camp Spot, they will put name tags in for you!) Color nail polish is handy for labeling things like flashlights. Local charities will benefit from unlabeled lost and found items.

Items that are allowed

  • iPod Shuffle without a screen (will need an adaptor for charging via an electrical outlet)
  • Digital or 35mm camera (not a Go-Pro)
  • Musical instruments (or we can rent one for you) and music
  • Book, art supplies, cards, chess sets, and similar items for rest hour (though our library is stocked with books and games)

Items that should not be brought to Pemi

  • Cell phone, unless traveling solo, in which case cell phones are collected and stored safely in the office
  • iPod (only iPod shuffles without a screen are allowed)
  • Go-Pro camera
  • Hand-held video games
  • Kindle, Nook, or other tablets (bring books or enjoy Pemi’s well-stocked library)
  • Laptop
  • Fidget spinners
  • Knives (Swiss Army knives for campers 11 and over are allowed, but with conditions)
  • Pets (sorry, Fido stays home)
  • Squirt guns, water balloons, trading cards, or Silly String
  • Snacks, candy, etc. (No food is kept in cabins for health and safety reasons)
  • Fireworks and other explosives, firearms, sling shots
  • Drugs, tobacco, alcohol

Bring canned goods for "Cans From Campers" food drive

In 2015, in response to increased interest in community service and in partnership with the New Hampshire Food Bank, Pemi launched Cans from Campers, a food drive for Opening Day in June and arrival day for Second Session campers in July. We encourage each Pemi boy to bring a can of food or non-perishable to donate to this initiative. Returning campers and staff might even consider bringing a can for each year that they’ve attended Pemi!

We are fortunate to enjoy 3 bountiful meals each day at camp. By contributing to the NH Food Bank, we give thanks for this and help to provide a basic need for those less fortunate in our surrounding area. We also hope that this arrival-day initiative might in some small way symbolize the culture of generosity and community-mindedness that we aim to build each season at Pemi.

And finally, the most forgotten item is...

… a pillow!

Food insecurity in America increases during summer months, yet donations to food banks sharply decline starting in June. Summer camps are uniquely poised to intervene. Learn about Pemi’s Cans From Campers initiative, launched in 2015. We hope camps across the country will adopt this simple opening day tradition.

A day in the life at Pemi

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