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2022-2023 Pemi Board Updates

Last fall, Pemi’s Board of Directors welcomed two new members and also saw the elevation of two current members to new leadership positions. Joining the Board were Dottie Reed and Sky Fauver! Additionally, Allyson Fauver assumed the position of Board president and Dan Reed took on the role of vice-president! Read on for more on the Pemi Board and its newest members.

Tom Reed, Jr. stepped down as Board president and member after decades of inspiring leadership

The end of the previous Board term also saw the retirement of long-time member and Board president Tom Reed, Jr. from both positions. We will take the opportunity to more fully and fittingly thank Tom for all the work he did on Pemi’s Board at a later date, but rest assured, his presence at Pemi during the summers will continue unchanged! Tom joins his contemporaries – Fred, Jon, and Peter Fauver – in stepping back from daily governance while maintaining vital roles in upkeeping Pemi’s enduring spirit! Stay tuned for more on Tom’s remarkable work for Pemi.

Pemi’s Board of Directors consists of eleven people, six of whom are from the third or fourth generations of the Reed and Fauver families, continuing the Pemi tradition of founding-family oversight, planning, and direct involvement. Five independent members round out the group, offering crucial perspectives from beyond the ownership circle. The five independent members are Fred Seebeck, Roger McEniry, Greg Bowes, Burgie Howard, and Lisa Heller. The four family members continuing their Board membership are Allyson Fauver, Dan Reed, Jameson Fauver, and Jon Fauver. We are thrilled to announce that they have been joined, as of last fall, by Dottie Reed and Sky Fauver!

Dottie Reed
Dottie Reed, new member of Pemi’s Board

Dottie has been at Pemi every summer since 1987 when she married Tom Reed, Jr. She has served faithfully and joyfully as Pemi’s primary photographer since 2001, when she began our practice of posting photos twice weekly to “help parents stay connected but not tethered.” In 2009 she joined Pemi’s administrative team in a full-time capacity, helping Pemi behind the scenes in myriad ways. Her work has included – but been far from limited to – overseeing our transition to a digital camp management system, helping with the design and upkeep of three iterations of Pemi’s website, envisioning and bringing to life many of our marketing materials, and creating the Cans From Campers opening day food drive. Dottie is mom to Abby and Dan Reed, both also active and engaged members of the Pemi family

Dottie Reed with her children, Dan and Abby, and husband Tom on opening day 2017

Reflecting back on her decades at Pemi, Dottie notes, “the continuity of relationships in the Pemi family are the most meaningful to me: getting to know the boys – watching them discover so much about themselves in their first camp experience and especially so when they return year after year – and forging relationships with their parents, too. Many of these connections have grown into lasting friendships as boys have gone from camper to staff member and beyond.” With an eye towards her continued roles at Pemi – she is both on the Board and in-residence during the summer – Dottie says, “I’d love to take Pemi’s successful Cans From Campers to a larger scale and encourage other camps in New England and around the country to incorporate this simple initiative into their routine. I’m also excited to assist with special projects during the year and to be with the kids and staff at Pemi every summer.”

Sky Fauver with his sons, Ollie, Philip, and Leo, and his wife Kerry

Sky, a great-grandson of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, started his “official” Pemi journey in Junior 4 and spent the next two decades on the shores of Lower Baker, serving in various capacities, yet rarely wearing shoes in any of them. He moved through the Pemi camper and staff ranks while excelling in various athletic and creative endeavors, but most importantly always bringing his exceptional kindness and thoughtfulness to every interaction. Sky’s work as a Bean Soup editor for several summers left an enduring mark on countless Pemi campers, while staff members and directors of years’ past undoubtedly still look over their shoulders any time they make a mistake, lest a Bean Soup spy be present to report it back to Sky.

Sky Fauver

Now residing in Minneapolis, Sky and his wife Kerry have three sons (Philip, Ollie, and Leo), all of whom have spent summers donning the Pemi blue. Sky is in his 18th year at Breck School where he serves as the Middle School Director and does all he can to incorporate Pemi’s virtues and sense of community into an academic setting. In addition to serving on Pemi’s Board, he has also been an active Board member with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Twin Cities.