Pemi Alumni,

The connections we make at Pemi last a lifetime. Whether it was a cabin mate who buddied up with you for Free Swim or a counselor who encouraged you to try a new occupation you thought you’d hate, chances are you remember many of the personal relationships you established on Lower Baker with extreme fondness. We believe it is important to keep these relationships strong—in fact to help them mature and grow stronger—so Pemi is thoroughly committed to enhancing our Alumni Relations.

Through a variety of avenues—from traditional open houses and newsletters to our growing Facebook and Twitter communities—we strive to keep Alumni in touch with Pemi happenings and history, providing updates on new projects and facilities, organizing Alumni events, and sending out verbal, photographic, and (now) video reminders of their youthful days in Wentworth. If you’d like to be kept informed and haven’t yet done so, be sure to register in our Alumni Guestbook.

We are particularly excited to bring Alums back together in person, and plan to offer Alumni events each summer at Pemi as well as taking to the road in the winter to spread Pemi cheer. All of these should make for invaluable personal interactions with fellow Alumni as well as a deep connection back to the valley and facility we’ve loved.

At the end of every summer, at our final meal together, each and every member of the Pemi community is charged with bringing the best of our values into the outside world – for our own sake and the sake of others. The sense of independence, responsibility, and cooperation we cultivate every day of every season translates directly from campers’ days to their future careers and relationships. Moreover, Pemi provides boys with excellent tools for improving the world they find out there, through being caring, responsible, and productive members of their community. (See Build Life Skills)

In my role as Assistant Director and Alumni Coordinator, I look forward to fostering close and fulfilling personal relationships with every member of the Pemi community, revitalizing their ties to the institution in ways that benefit us all. My goal to help alumni re-connect to Pemi is first and foremost. Theirs will be a crucial role in continuing the mission of Camp Pemigewassett — educating and encouraging boys to take a fulfilling and rewarding place in an-ever changing world.

Good luck, long life and joy!

Kenny Moore | Assistant Director & Alumni Coordinator

P.S. Wondering if your favorite occupations are available today?  What about “Pagoda Pudding?”  And how many of these words/terms do you remember?

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