Our Communication Pledge

We strive to provide top-notch communication, and we communicate in all the ways that support our mission.

For parents at home, Pemi offers support and guidance, sets clear policies, and communicates honestly and dependably as parents navigate the profound challenge of “letting go”—a crucial aspect of their partnership with Pemi and one that is essential to launching their sons on the first stages of their own life journeys.

Here’s what our veteran parents say:

"Pemi clearly is best-in-class when it comes to communicating with parents."

"The photo uploads were a much-anticipated part of the week—thank you for those. The phone call was incredibly reassuring. Communication is such a strength of Pemi's and it gave me confidence and comfort that my child was in caring and competent hands. "

"Parents need to learn to disconnect, too, and not spend their summer glued to their phone, refreshing photos!! So, thank you for helping ME learn something new, too! "

"I often state that I do not know ANY organization/school/camp that communicates better than Pemi."

"I love the newsletters—so well written, and I love how photos are posted 2x a week instead of every day as some camps do. I also know you’ll be in touch right away if there’s a problem. That allows me to disconnect and not worry."

"I love your emails!! So helpful! My son (9) will be joining for the second session—his first time at camp! Your emails really, truly help me better understand what to expect and help me process how best to handle this milestone!! "

"I am grateful for all you did for us in our first experience sending our son away. Every note and picture was perfectly expressed to understand how much we miss him but encourage us to let him grow. I also read “Homesick and Happy” at your suggestion. Although J. wasn't very homesick, I missed him terribly and it helped me focus on how formative an experience this is. We feel very fortunate to have found Pemi."

"Pemi's use of communications builds a bond that distinguishes itself from other programs. Pemi is a family that sticks around all year!"

For additional information and details, see Communication, found in the Current Parents section.

And to facilitate communication between you and your camper, here’s a primer on Pemi’s lexicon, those unique words and terms that become a part of every Pemi boy’s vocabulary.