Alumni FAQs

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Alumni FAQs

I'd like to recommend a boy for Pemi. What's my first step?

Awesome! The first step is to talk to the boy and his parents to gauge their interest in a sleepaway camp experience. Then, be in touch with Kenny to share your connection. The Pemi community is built on our word-of-mouth network and alumni referrals typically account for 25% of our camper population. Your efforts help ensure that Pemi continues to be Pemi well into the future.

What is the alumni "Work Weekend?"

Every June, a group of alumni return to Pemi to help us ready the facility for the coming summer. All are welcome to join in, and the spirit of generosity allows us to get the Pemi wheels in motion. This is a great chance to return to Pemi and to give back in a direct and meaningful way, with the added benefit of connecting with other alumni, from the young to the young at heart, all working on important tasks suited for a range of capabilities.

Can I bring my family to Pemi for a camp experience?

YES! Pemi loves having alumni and their families visit during the summer to witness camp in session. And for those eager for a lengthier camp experience where you and your family can settle in and enjoy Pemi activities, meals, and camaraderie, read about Pemi Family Camp!

Where can I get Pemi clothes and gear?

Need a new Pemi blue? Looking for a warm Pemi hat for the winter? Visit our online store via the Camp Spot to get all your Pemi swag! Keep your eyes peeled for special items and deals around the winter holidays, too!