The men and women on Pemi’s staff often have experience as teachers, instructors, coaches, athletes, artists, musicians, and in other areas that match Pemi’s program offerings. However, when we select our staff, we are more interested in our applicants’ basic personal qualities than in their technical background in any given area.


  • strength of character
  • a love for working with young people
  • a solid and trustworthy background
  • enthusiasm for their areas of interest
  • a committed and intelligent attitude toward education

A Cabin Counselor oversees a group of 6–10 campers (depending on age), and should be a rising sophomore in college or of the equivalent age and experience.

Assistant Counselors are at least 17 years old and in most cases are rising seniors in high school. Though “ACs” are often former Pemi campers, young men and women new to Pemi are welcome to apply.

Female counselors and instructors who have “aged out” of cabin-living live in separate staff housing. However all Junior Division cabins have a female counselor assigned to them, joining the Cabin Counselor / Assistant Counselor team.