It won’t take long for you and your cabin mates to become a “band of brothers,” leading to a summer-long sleepover of fun and friendship.

“Who will my friends be?” “What will I do at Pemi?” “Will I like being away from home?” The truth is, you’ll never fully know the answers to all your questions until you experience being a camper at Pemi, but we hope this section will give you a head start in imagining what it could be.

Explore the links and check out the “A Day in the Life” video, below.  As you learn more about Pemi and would like to connect, reach out! If you have questions, we stand ready to answer them. If you’d like, we can introduce you to some Pemi “veteran” campers, perhaps other kids your age or those who might relate to a unique situation and can offer firsthand insights.

A day in the life at Pemi

Learn about Pemi through the eyes of our campers as they take you through a typical day. From activities, meals, and favorites times of the day, Pemi campers lend their personal perspective on what makes Pemi, Pemi!