Pemi & Your Son

The character traits that campers strengthen and develop as they navigate life in a unique learning environment away from home—supported by well-trained professionals here for that very purpose—are profound and lifelong.

A Summer Camp Experience That Lifts And Inspires

Along with a program that supports immersion in what a boy loves to do as well as exploration to discover potential new interests, Pemi offers an experience that lifts and inspires boys and young men to be their best selves, and often in ways that launch them in directions that you or they might never have anticipated. All this, when immersed in a joyful, healthy, and natural environment. Learn what makes Pemi “the right fit” from the parent perspective.

Comments from Pemi parents:

"We love how the boys are given a variety of choices across the disciplines giving them the fullest opportunity to become well-rounded young men."

"The U15 soccer program was excellent for B. He landed a starting JV goalie position and we attribute that not only to good practice over the summer but also the confidence he developed to make this happen for himself."

"As a first-year camper, E. had an amazing summer at Pemi! He particularly enjoyed the structure of the sports and music programs balanced with the freedom of exploring other interests in the afternoons. He can't wait to return as a full-session camper next year so he can “do it all!” "

"M. is an avid competitive swimmer during the year. He was able to continue his training, and even be a role model and coach for other campers! "

"My boys loved camp, and the emotional growth that took place over the summer was tremendous. The younger one returned with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in having spent a whole summer away from home. The older one came home with a deeper sense of responsibility for himself and his commitments."

"T. loved learning to sail and now he is joining the school sailing team! Being able to do a combination of things he knows and loves, like tennis and basketball, with being able to stretch to new things was perfect for him. He also found the nature program to be fascinating."

"Before camp this year, C. was apprehensive about starting a new school. When he got home from Pemi, he was confident and ready for the change. The transition to the new school was an easy one."

"What I love about Pemi are the core values it inspires in the boys, the confidence it gives them, and Pemi's love of tradition. Please hold onto these, and never let the boys bring electronics into this wonderful world of yours."

"I love how T. was gently encouraged to try new things and to get out of his comfort zone. He LOVED archery, swimming, ultimate frisbee, and “sound painting” to name just a few. "

"Now looking back over the years, I see how Pemi gave C. exposure to things he ordinarily would not have tried. This allowed him to discover more likes and dislikes on his own and develop all the new interests he now has, an ideal way to start high school. "

What can you do at Pemi?

It’s a new day at Camp Pemi! What can you do?

view from Camp Pemi messhall, early morning