Creative Arts

Creativity is celebrated at Pemi and has been since our founding in 1908. Choose among dozens of activities each week with a range of beginner to advanced options.


Summer Camp Art Program

Music, art, drama, woodworking…there’s so much at your fingertips that you might just discover a talent and/or new interest that will bring pleasure for a lifetime. You don’t need to be the next artistic genius, just willing to explore and put in a little sustained effort.


Do you like to sing, strum, stomp, hum? Since our earliest days, music has been a vital part of the Pemi experience for boys and staff of all ages. We offer instruction in all sorts of instrumental and vocal music for beginners on up. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for performance, too. Sharing music with those around us makes us feel great and plays a large role in creating our community each summer.


Have you ever considered crafting your own ping-pong paddle? Baseball bat? Adirondack chair? When you have “shop” as an activity for the week, you’ll have the opportunity to use both hand tools and power tools, depending upon your age and level of proficiency. You can create projects from simple to sophisticated and are encouraged to complete an entire project, taking the time with each step to do a good job.


Crafts & Studio Arts

The Art Building is located in the Junior Camp and is the hub of studio arts and crafts. Each week brings you multiple choices of specific projects to work on during morning instruction, with the option to return during free time in the afternoon to continue on your project or to start something new. During the final week of camp, Pemi’s annual Art Show displays and celebrates the artistic efforts of campers and staff.


Do you have the urge to perform under the spotlight in front of 250 people? Maybe you’ve enjoyed sitting among the crowd but have always wondered what it would be like to be on stage or perhaps serve as a backstage hand? Pemi offers multiple occasions for campers to explore the world of dramatic presentations, from our youngest 8-year-olds to our experienced high school actors. Whether you’re taking the stage or pulling the curtain, you’ll add a fun dimension to your summer.

If you already have a strong interest in creativity and the arts, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover new interests and tap into new abilities by trying activities in our other program areas: Sports, Water Sports, Nature, and Hiking & Canoeing.