Staff FAQ

Do you provide a packing list or suggestions on what to bring?

Find our Staff Packing List here.

Can I bring a laptop or other devices? Is there wifi?

Many counselors and staff members bring laptops in an effort to stay connected with the outside world, and cabin counselors will benefit from having a laptop for writing their detailed mid-season and end-of-summer letters to parents. There is wifi available for the staff when they are off-duty and away from the campers. We enjoy being disconnected and engaged with the boys during the day, but realize the need to be in touch with family, friends, and other obligations while at Pemi. Should you need access to a computer during the summer, we can always help you out in the office.

Will I need a car?

Not necessarily. Many staff do bring a car and it’s easy to link up with them in order to get off camp grounds for scheduled time off.

I take medication. How is that managed during the summer?

That depends. It’s important to note that no medication of any sort—whether prescription or over-the-counter—is to be kept in cabins where campers live. Those staff who take medication in pill form on a daily or regular basis, and who live in a cabin with campers, must drop their medication off in the Health Center for daily distribution by our health staff. The key is “in pill form” and “on a daily basis” (this includes prescription and non-prescription pills, such as Claritin or Zyrtec for allergies, vitamins, and fish oil). Staff not living in a cabin with boys can bring their medication to be kept in their living quarters. Please contact Johanna if you have any questions.

What sort of time off will I have during the summer?

Cabin and program staff have time off each week of the summer consisting of a day off, an evening off, and a night off. In addition, each staff member has a “27”—literally a 27-hour block of time to get away a bit farther afield. Time off is essential for giving you the opportunity to recharge your battery, rest, relax, and return to be as fully engaged in working with the kids as possible.

Our other essential employees—those hired for health care, kitchen, or maintenance jobs—will have different work and time off schedules that will be discussed during the hiring process.

How do I become a Pemi bugler?

Read “Long Live the Buglers,” a post about bugling and buglers at Pemi and how to become one. Click here to listen to Pemi bugle calls. Become familiar with the list of daily bugle calls. Get a waterproof watch. Let Kenny Moore or Pat Clare know of your interest!