Pemi’s Store for Logo Wear and More: The Camp Spot

We provide a detailed packing list and require only two “Pemi Blues”, a “Pemi White”, and a new “Pemi Grey” (t-shirts of your choice, any fabric or style), though parents, campers, alumni, and staff will find a range of Pemi logo wear and non-clothing items by visiting The Camp Spot.

We recommend to parents to call The Camp Spot when placing an order in the offseason, September – March, to ensure a timely delivery for holidays gifts. (973) 994-7416. Some new items are not stocked until May of the given year, and may be backordered.

Alumni Wear and Gear

Visit The Camp Spot and click on the ALUMNI tab to find “onesies” and bibs for the newest members of the family as well as other brand new items. Did you know that sipping coffee out of a Pemi mug will make you feel like a Kid again? (It must be true; we read it in Bean Soup.)

The Store at Camp Pemigewassett

Pemi’s camp store (which in reality is more of a closet), is stocked with basics such as toiletries, stationery, and other sundries boys may need in their day-to-day living. Although we would prefer for your son to come to Pemi with every incidental item he needs, he will always be able to replenish such items as soap, shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, batteries, stamps, and writing paper if he runs out or misplaces them. We also have a limited number of mosquito nets, water bottles, and flashlights. Please tell your son about the existence of the store, and describe to him how he will be able to charge items to his Camper Expense Account. We’ll do the same, and guard against too much impulse buying. (Perhaps you can strike a deal with him to split the remainder of his account balance if he’s frugal within reason.)