Hiking & Canoeing

Our location on the southwestern edge of the White Mountains allows unparalleled access for boys to experience outdoor adventures unlike any that they can get at home.

You’ll learn what you need in your pack when you hit the trail and, just as importantly, what you don’t need. You’ll learn the importance of choosing a route that’s right for the abilities of your group, how to check weather conditions, and how to look out for the welfare of everyone else on the trip. Pemi trips will leave you with an appreciation for both the beauty and the power of Nature—and a new determination to play your role in preserving our precious wilderness.


Many of our specialist trip staff are veterans of Pemi West, and all have completed a backpacking and wilderness leadership clinic. They, and all of the cabin staff leading day trips, are trained and certified in Wilderness First Aid.

In between enjoying mountaintops and rivers, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to discover new interests and tap into new abilities by trying activities in our other program areas: Nature, Sports, Water Sports, and Music, Art, Woodworking & Drama.