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We invite alumni and friends to register with the Pemi Guestbook. This will allow us to keep you informed on all the latest Pemi news and will provide you with the opportunity to reconnect with camp friends and staff.

Register with Pemi’s Guestbook

Visit Pemi

Alumni are always welcome to visit camp during the season. Join us for a meal in the mess hall, cheer Pemi athletes from the sidelines, observe camp in full swing, or take a quiet walk during Rest Hour. Alumni are welcome to return to Pemi when camp is not in session, too. In some instances, provisions can be made for a place to throw your sleeping bag and hang your towel for a chilly Polar Bear. Pat Clare will be happy to hear from you.

Join us as a Visiting Professional

We encourage alumni to bring their talents and passions to camp and to participate in the camp program as a Visiting Professional, whether that means offering an afternoon workshop or perhaps staying for a week or two as an instructor or coach. Again, contact Pat Clare to discuss this possibility.

Tell me more, Pat!

A Win-Win Connection

Pemi has always been a place where the most gratifying day is one in which the fast-moving Pemi Kid slows down for a moment to extend a helping hand to another.

Pemi supports alumni by:

  • mentoring former campers and counselors on school and professional choices
  • writing letters of recommendation
  • arranging for families to host alums as they travel in pursuit of educational or professional opportunities
  • contacting folks in the alumni network regarding internships and jobs for Pemi counselors and other alums

Alumni can support Pemi by:

  • recommending Pemi to the sons and grandsons of friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  • hosting an Open House for prospective families
  • following Pemi on social media, “liking and sharing” what you see
  • participating in Alumni Events
  • sponsoring an internship (see Sponsor an Internship!)

Show Your Pemi Spirit

Visit The Camp Spot to see all the latest Pemi logo wear and gear. Click on the Alumni tab to find “onesies” and bibs for the newest members of the family as well as other brand new items.

“Alumni Magazine,” Bean Soup, Newsletters, and more

Published throughout the year, our electronic Alumni Magazine features updates from Pemi, alumni profiles, and more. You can easily catch up on past editions as they are stored in our Pemi Blog for all to access. We’d love to hear from you!

Speaking of Pemi’s Blog, summer newsletters are written weekly during the season for parents and friends of camp. These occasionally over-long letters are a good way to keep up with current events at Pemi. Visit the Pemi Blog to read newsletters from the past several summers. When you subscribe to the blog by registering your email address, these weekly newsletters, occasional off-season postings, and “Alumni News and Notes” will automatically arrive in your inbox.

And finally, past Bean Soups have been digitized! If you are in need of a specific year or looking for a lost article, contact Pat Clare.