Sponsor an Internship

We ask members of our Alumni network to assist ambitious Pemi counselors by sponsoring internships within your field or by enabling further connections.

The Pemi Counselor Internship Initiative, launched in 2019, aims to provide internship opportunities for our most talented undergraduate counselors and program staff after the end of the school year in early spring and before the start of their work at Pemi, thus allowing them to gain crucial professional experience while contributing their talents to another great summer at Pemi.

Read about the inaugural three internships.

For over a century, working at Pemi has equipped our counselors with essential life skills: leadership training, communication skills, and the ability to solve problems in a communal setting. Veterans who have graduated to the broader working world tell us that the counseling experience has served them incredibly well in any number of work settings. Increasingly, though, our best staff members—the ones we really want to keep in the fold for multiple summers—are finding it difficult to return for that second or third season, the one where their wisdom and experience can make a huge difference for Pemi. In this increasingly competitive national work climate, they feel pressure to build their resumes by securing a professional internship to improve their odds at landing an ideal job.

If you are able to help a motivated and ambitious Pemi counselor by sponsoring an internship within your field or by assisting in professional networking, please be in touch.

Thank you for supporting the Pemi community in our ongoing efforts to retain strong role models at camp while remaining relevant in today’s competitive environment. Key internships will allow us to keep these outstanding young adults—Pemi’s “culture bearers”—for one or two more summers where they can do a world of good for campers before they move on to their future successful professions.

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