Since 1908, our mission has been to inspire and support boys ages 8 to 15 as they find their own distinctive paths in becoming self-reliant, caring, and engaged citizens of our diverse and ever-changing world.

An overnight camp for boys in New England

Pemi offers every new camper his place to shine, becoming his home-away-from home thanks to our broad program, our friendly and welcoming community, and our mature, devoted staff. We are unplugged, and as sole residents of our lake, we sail, swim, and paddle with safety—no party boats or jet skis on our lake! Boys return year after year, and our worldwide alumni network offers a supportive hand wherever our campers might venture in life.

Campers, imagine being at Pemi!
Parents, imagine having your son at Pemi!

What can you do at Pemi?

It’s a new day at Camp Pemi! What can you do?

view from Camp Pemi messhall, early morning