Dear Pemi Parents,

Welcome to Camp Pemigewassett, where each summer since 1908, boys from around the world have gathered in Pemi’s unplugged, natural setting to discover new passions, gain confidence and independence, develop practical skills, live in a trusting and inclusive community, and create friendships that last a lifetime.

What’s special about Pemi? It’s the trust that develops between a boy and a cabin mate. It’s the support he feels from his counselor when he needs someone to believe in him as he works to be his own best self during the summer. We believe in honesty and caring and adventure and responsibility, and that means that we learn to trust and depend on each other in ways that don’t often happen at school. We talk a great deal about values and beliefs at Pemi, about community, about our oldest boys acting as role models for our younger boys and about the unique opportunity Pemi offers a boy to be exactly the person he wants to be during his weeks on the shores of Lower Baker Pond.

We are especially proud of our diverse and sophisticated program; we offer instruction at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced level in athletics, music and art, nature study, and wilderness outings. Many a boy attends Pemi because he is especially interested in one of these areas – say soccer, or water-skiing, or musical theater – but we think he’ll feel he’s made the most of being at camp when he’s advanced his knowledge and skills in that special realm and also ventured into others, too. Pemi’s a great place to challenge oneself and grow. As we like to say, “there are many ways to be a Pemi Kid.” We even made a video about it! 

Making friends with people of college age and older is something most boys don’t often get a chance to do. Most of our counselors were Pemi campers once too. They return summer after summer to make camp as special for your son as it was for them. But whether they are former Pemi campers or counselors new to our community, you can count on them to be young men and women with an excellent character, lots of patience, and a deep commitment to helping boys develop the skills and values that will make them happy and successful as they move on in life.

One of the most poignant moments I witness each summer is on the last day of camp, when the big bus, full of campers heading home, is about to depart and I see our boys shedding a few tears as they say goodbye to their cabin mates and camp friends until next summer. How refreshing it is to see them all openly showing their emotions, giving those heartfelt hugs, knowing they are in the type of community where being honest with their feelings and open in their strong friendship with others is a key part of being a Pemi camper.

If you are considering Pemi for your son, I encourage you to be in touch. If you are a veteran parent, I thank you for your ongoing trust and support of Camp Pemigewassett.

Danny Kerr | Director