Pemi offers an experience that lifts and inspires boys and young men to be their best selves, and often in ways that launch them in directions that you or they might never have anticipated.

Pemi camper receiving high fives

Prospective parents. We understand that…

…handing your boy over to the care of others calls upon remarkable trust in the summer camp staff, as well as trust in yourself and in your son as he moves, inevitably, towards becoming a teen, a young man, and an adult. Just as the Camper section is intended to help your son imagine what it is like to be a Pemi camper, we hope this section paints a picture for you of what it is like to be a Pemi parent.

Once your son is enrolled, we provide dependable, timely guidance via general emails and personal communication. We also provide extensive detailed information which you can see right now in the Current Parents section. But for starters, we’ll let our veteran parents do most of the talking on the topics they say were most important to them as they searched for the best summer camp for their son. Perhaps next year your own advice will help parents who will be making the same assessments and decisions as you are now!

What can you do at Pemi?

It’s a new day at Camp Pemi! What can you do?

view from Camp Pemi messhall, early morning