Our Mission

Since 1908, Camp Pemigewassett’s abiding mission has been to inspire and support boys ages 8 to 15 as they find their own distinctive paths in becoming self-reliant, caring, and engaged citizens of our diverse and ever-changing world.

For over a century, Pemi has balanced tradition and innovation to fulfill our mission in the context of an evolving world. Today, we continue to realize that mission in the following ways:

Campers of differing backgrounds live simply in small and inclusive cabin groups. These close-knit camper families meld with the larger Pemi community in ways that foster key civic values, such as respect for others, integrity, responsibility, sustainability, and generosity of spirit. Our varied program teaches and nurtures practical skills while it encourages the self-challenge, creativity, and resilience that develop a boy’s self-confidence. From the beginning, Pemi’s culture has been one of good humor and joy.

For parents at home, Pemi offers support and guidance, sets clear policies, and communicates honestly and dependably as parents navigate the profound challenge of “letting go” – a crucial aspect of their partnership with Pemi and one that is essential to launching their sons on the first stages of their own life journeys.

Pemi recruits staff members who are dedicated to the development of the whole camper, and we train them carefully with an eye to the most informed thinking on the social, physical, and emotional well-being of boys. Our staff’s enhanced leadership, mentorship, and communication skills serve our campers and parents well and become vital traits for staff to carry into future roles and relationships.

Pemi serves as a practical and inspirational resource for alumni of all ages as they carry “Pemi” back into their schools, communities, professions, and ongoing involvements. Alumni in turn form a vital network of kindred spirits and lifelong friends who welcome and support our “graduates” as they find their own way in the world beyond our mountain valley. They are our most potent and inspiring examples of the enduring benefits of the Pemi experience.

A day in the life at Pemi

Learn about Pemi through the eyes of our campers as they take you through a typical day. From activities, meals, and favorites times of the day, Pemi campers lend their personal perspective on what makes Pemi, Pemi!