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Defining Photos of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close and winter begins to rear its head in earnest across much of the United States, we want to take a look back at some of the defining photos from an incredible summer! Pemi’s 115th summer will be remembered for many different reasons by many different people, so the offerings below are merely a set of snapshots that bring to mind some of the standout moments from a standout summer! For more memories of 2022, be on the lookout for your copy of Bean Soup, which should begin arriving in mailboxes shortly, and check out the 2022 Pemi photobook!

Our mantra for 2022 was simple and clear: “Fun!” The 2022 staff put in a tireless, high-energy, and spirited effort to ensure that the summer lived up to that one-word goal. While some parts of the summer naturally lend themselves to pure fun – frisbee running bases, Bean Soup, any time spent with Deb Kure – other parts of the day don’t necessarily scream out “fun!” Yet counselors like Ben and Simon could turn even something as mundane as getting ready to head out onto the water during 2nd hour sailing into a blast!

While we love to escape the influences of the outside world at Pemi, there was no getting away from pickle ball in 2022! One of our brand new basketball courts doubled up as a pickle ball court, and just like seemingly everywhere else, it was a hit at Pemi!

Junior/Senior campfires are a favorite Pemi tradition these days! For this first half version, the Seniors made the trip down to Junior Point to roast marshmallows and hang out with their Junior buddies. The bonding and mentorship during these gatherings speak to the care for others and Pemi that campers develop during their years with us!

As with other institutions, 2022 in many ways represented a return to “normalcy” for Pemi. As you’ll see throughout this post, that meant bringing back some of the most beloved elements of our program that had to go on hiatus for 2020-2021. Included among the triumphant returns was the beginning caving trip. A group of 15s, accompanied by Larry Davis, Dexter Wells, and Sam Papel, traveled to New York to explore a series of caves. For more on caving at Pemi, take a look back on this 2010 article by Larry Davis!

2022 also saw the return of the Allagash canoe trip! The boys loaded up the van and headed to northern Maine for five days on the Allagash waterway. This marquee trip allows boys to spend time in one of the most pristine and remote sections of the northeast. Its the culminating trip for our full-season 15-year-olds, and the boys were thrilled to get to embark on it this summer!

Continuing with our theme of returning traditions, conditions this summer allowed us to send trips out to the AMC high huts once again! We sent groups to different huts than usual – Carter Notch and Lonesome Lake Huts – which allowed for private accommodations instead of shared bunkhouses. Regardless of where they were, the boys experienced the awe and majesty of time spent in the White Mountains.

Perhaps no tradition was more missed in 2021 than Tecumseh Day. After two years without getting to compete against our friends on Winnipesaukee, it was incredible to see this longstanding rivalry resume. While we came up just short on the day, Pemi’s athletes competed with class, skill, and intensity. Playing against Tecumseh requires us to bring our best to have a chance at winning, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Regardless of how the day goes, however, we all gather together as the buses roll back into camp at the end of a long, fun day!

And now for something completely different! 2022 may have seen many traditions return, but it also gave us the chance to embrace the timeless Pemi ambition of trying something new! In this case, it was the production of Newsies, Jr, a spirited tale of early 20th century newspaper boys in New York City who take on powerful corporate interests. It’s a high-energy and entertaining show that delighted the audience! Gilbert and Sullivan shows will remain in the Pemi production rotation, but anyone present in 2022 will attest to the fact that trying something new served Pemi well this summer!

Fishing took a place of prominence in the Pemi program this summer! Thanks in large part to the efforts of longtime Pemi veteran and professional guide Phil Landry, boys learned how to properly and safely enjoy this classic pastime!

As always, Pemi was a place for old friendships to resume and new ones to emerge! They may not know it yet, but boys down in Junior Camp in 2022 formed bonds that will last a lifetime!

Perhaps our oldest tradition, Bean Soup was in great hands in 2022! Dan Fulham and Matt Kanovsky, helped by several guest editors and collaborators, thrilled the community with their skillful writing and performances. To remember more highlights from 2022, check out your copy of Bean Soup, Volume 113 when it arrives in the mail shortly!