Your Camp Friends

You’ll learn quickly that you can relax and be who you want to be at Pemi, because being at camp has a way of bringing out the best in everyone. As a new camper, you will be warmly welcomed to the Pemi community by veteran campers who come from New England, the Mid-Atlantic, or any one of 24–28 states and 6–10 countries outside the US.

camp friends

Camp Friends are Lifelong Friends

The Pemi culture is one of respect, integrity, and generosity. Before each season, every boy signs a pledge to acknowledge his role in creating a joyful, healthy, and safe community for all.

As a Pemi Camper:

  • I pledge to show consideration for myself, my fellow campers, and staff in all ways.
  • I pledge to engage fully with the community around me.
  • I pledge to honor the history of our buildings and the beauty of our natural surroundings in all ways.
  • I pledge to support my friends and cabin mates—and trust that they will do the same for me—as we encourage one another to be our best selves, including speaking up or standing up for what is right.
camp friends

camp friends social contractWith the help of your counselor, you and your cabin mates will create a “social contract” to support all of you as you navigate the ups and downs that any group experiences when sharing a “home” together. You’re sure to make friends in your first summer, and when you and your camp buddies return year after year to this place you share, the bonds you build together go on to last a lifetime.