Why work at Pemi?

The chance to assume responsibility and provide leadership is a daily reality at Pemi. We offer active leadership opportunities for young staff along with training in leadership skills to facilitate this. You will be able to provide concrete examples of both practical and soft skills as you look to strengthen an employment, college, or high school resume.

Pemi counselor with two campers

Skills for the Wider World

As a Pemi staff member you will learn, apply, hone, and reinforce highly sought-after skills through intensive and ongoing training and through a wide-ranging daily array of firsthand, practical experience. You will be able to document your qualifications and identify your strengths with both measurable data and personal anecdotes in core areas, such as:

  • InitiativeDevelop a lesson plan for teaching a week’s activity; organize a Vaudeville act; volunteer to run a workshop…
  • CollaborationWork with your cabin group to establish rules to live by; work with your co-workers to manage staff recreation space; work with management to create time-off schedules…
  • CommunicationConvey clear activity instruction, write detailed reports on campers for their parents (cabin counselors), make announcements and presentations before a group of 250…
  • Conflict-managementListen, question, and guide, using ways in which you have been trained, to model and empower boys to solve their personal challenges
  • Critical thinkingAssess skill levels of boys you are instructing; check weather conditions before summiting a mountain; identify ways for boys of differing interests to connect with one another…
  • CreativityFind alternative activities for a rainy day; keep instruction engaging; write a song for campfire…
  • PatienceTake the time to listen to and help a camper who is frustrated; let a camper finish a task rather than do it yourself; give extra time to a boy so that he might accomplish a goal…

Every staff member is assigned to an experienced mentor, with whom you will meet periodically through the summer. During training week, you will discuss your goals for the summer, assessing what things you feel confident in taking on, what things you may find challenging, and ways to make sure you and your campers have the best summer possible. Then, at mid-season, you meet again to discuss how it’s all going: what you can feel good about, what still needs some attention, how to finish strong. You’ll receive specific feedback at this mid-season conversation based on suggestions and observations made by Division Heads, Program Heads, and other senior staff who have had the opportunity to work with you.

Director Ken Moore meets with every staff member in the final week of camp to assess your season and hear your thoughts about Pemi. Pemi is a place that believes in supportive and constructive communication, and our mentoring system is our prime way of making it all work.

Pemi Counselor Internship

Proven counselors and program staff members will have the opportunity to apply for a Pemi Counselor Internship in their potential field of interest, sponsored through our alumni. These internships provide opportunities for our talented undergraduate counselors to gain valuable professional experience and continue to work at our camp. They take place after the end of the school year in early spring and before the start of work at Pemi.

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