Betsy Mook Reed, May 15, 1917 – June 13, 2016

Pemi's 50th Reunion, 1957

Pemi’s 50th Reunion, 1957

We want to pass along the word that Betsy Reed died Monday afternoon, June 13th, in Carlisle Pennsylvania.  Tom and Dottie were at her side as she made the peaceful crossing. She had just turned 99, “nearly a hundred.” The sadness of the news is tempered by the fact that Betsy had enjoyed a long and wonderful life and was as ready to go as anyone could possibly be. We imagine that Tom Sr. had been looking impatiently at his watch for several years, and Betsy finally closed the books on her busy worldly engagements and went to join him with a ravishing smile on her face. Al Fauver may have been in the vicinity with a pitcher of whiskey sours.


Summertime mother and grandmother to generations of Pemi boys

Summertime mother and grandmother to generations of Pemi boys

We will send out a longer and more detailed account of Betsy’s storied life within the next weeks, together with information about where charitable contributions in her memory might be sent. There will also be a memorial gathering at some future time, most likely at the camp she graced for over seventy years. In the mean time, hers has been a long life filled with, and producing, much joy. It was our supreme good luck to have had Betsy Mook Reed in our world for so many years.



7 thoughts on “Betsy Mook Reed, May 15, 1917 – June 13, 2016

  1. We are sad for you all as we read this sweet and fun tribute to Betsy, as well as knowing you had time to say goodbye. Peace and love to your family.
    Julie and Jackson

  2. Dear TrJr, Dottie,Family, and Pemi Family:
    The first thing I thought of when I read the news was the time I drove Betsy and Tom’s car to Pemi; getting closer and closer, spotting things more and more familiar; then finally catching sight of the lake, and the cabins across it, and I just had to burst out singing
    “In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore!” Love, Lissy

  3. Betsy and Tom Reed, along with Al and Bertha Fauver, would have celebrated their 75th anniversaries this year. We lost Al on February 13, Bertha is still with us. The world was fortunate to have Betsy in it for 99 years. I remember her as the Producer of Gilbert and Sullivan plays. I also remember her singing at campfires with Tom. The first camp fire I attended in 1973, I remember Tom and Al singing the lion biting song. Popular in the twenties when Speedy Spiegel imported it from Rochester NY. I last saw Betsy at the 105th reunion. She was still getting around fairly well. I will miss her, and many things about her. Just like Tom. And when the battles over she shall where a crown.

  4. Tom & Dottie,
    Now that I have been here for 24 hours and learned who is who, I wish to offer sincere condolences for the passing of your mother. I cannot pretend to understand the sadness that comes with losing a parent. Tom, your reading of your father’s speech and Guthrie was wonderful and brought a tear to my eye that ran down my cheek. I wish I could have met your parents. Prior to that meeting, do you know how long it’s been since I actually cried? 20 minutes….(not really). See, I actually do have a sense of humor, if you consider Gallows Humor funny on any level. Most people…not so much.
    Again, I am truly sorry for your loss.
    Christopher Moody

  5. I first met Betsy at an Open House in February 1975. I (thought I) had no interest in going to an overnight camp, but my sentiments changed immediately as soon as I met her (and Tom, Al, and Bertha, too, of course). I was overwhelmed by her unpretentious and gentle nature, and I gravitated towards her every chance I had for the remainder of that afternoon and, indeed, the rest of my time with her at Pemi. I am indebted to her for making possible all those Gilbert and Sullivan productions that I enjoyed so much. Her sincere and genuine interest in other people extended boundlessly, and she was instrumental in making first my wife and then my daughter, Eve’s disturbing daughters both, comfortable and welcome on the shores of Lower Baker. I will always cherish her loving warmth and generosity of spirit, and I am grateful for the privilege of having known her these past forty years. May God bless you and keep you, dear Betsy.

  6. betsy was a wonderful person and super influence on me and clearly the whole pemi family. i had no idea i would ever wear a wig and makeup but my first G&S at 12 years old was a cultural experience. she made the setup and getup fun. I remember playing in the big shed by the mess hall with the G&S setwork. betsy was a stern director but found time to make us all laugh as we did busy work and the occasional hard labor of moving and assembling things.

    she will be missed but not forgotten.

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