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Meet Pemi’s 2014 Staff

2014 Pemi Staff
2014 Pemi Staff


Pemi’s greatest asset has always been the remarkable staff that dedicates itself, each summer, to making the Pemi experience rich, unique, and nurturing for each boy. We are grateful for their dedication and work ethic, impressed by their multitudinous talents, and humbled by their dedication to Pemi.

Each pre-season we ask staff to submit a short bio for this first blog post of the season. So, in their own words…

Danny Kerr (Director): This will be my 5th year as director at Pemi and I am looking forward to another terrific summer on the shores of Lower Baker. During the school year, my wife Julia and I live in Keene, NH. We have three boys aged 24, 22 and 18. When not doing the director thing, I very much enjoy coaching baseball at Pemi, playing the guitar and basketball with the boys, and recruiting any camper or counselor I can to join the legion of small, but dedicated, New York Met fans, seemingly a futile effort at this point.

Tom Reed (Director and Head of Trips): If memory serves, this will be my 54th summer at Pemi, my 45th on the staff. Aside from overseeing the trip program, I write newsletters and the occasional Bean Soup article and lead singing in the mess hall. Winters find me in Carlisle, PA, where I teach English at Dickinson College.

Ken Moore (Assistant Director): The 2014 season marks my 22nd summer at Camp Pemigewassett and the conclusion of my first year as a year ’round Pemi guy.  I’ve loved working with Danny and Dottie this past winter on all things Pemi, with my primary focus being on Alumni Relations, Pemi West and our general outreach efforts (social media).  During the summer, I’ll continue to manage Pemi’s overall program, working to make sure our four program areas mesh together.  Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH is now home (still a Clevelander through and through), where my wife Sarah works in the Admissions Office, serving as the Associate Director. I am a proud Kenyon College alumnus, Sarah’s also an alumna!, and I have my Masters in Education from University School’s Teacher Apprentice Program.

Fred Seebeck (Assistant Director): I began my multi-faceted Pemi career as a camper in Junior 3 back in 1963.  This summer, very likely, will mark my final summer as a Pemi staff member, closing a 40+ year run of wonderful memories.  Planning for the next stages of life after teaching and camping is in the wind – ask me if you’re interested.  In the meantime, a thousand thousand thanks to all the Reeds and Fauvers, along with Rob Grabill and Danny Kerr, not to mention my many friends established over the years, for making Pemi such a central and meaningful aspect of my constitution.

Dottie Reed (Head Administrator): This will be my 27th summer at Pemi. Though I work year ’round for camp with a range of responsibilities, during the summer I facilitate Pemi’s connection with the outside world with photos, newsletters, counselor reports, blog articles, and other such communications. My office window is always open for visits when I’m not out and about camp grounds. During the off-season, Tom and I live in Carlisle, PA, with our toothless cat, Gil.

Heather Leads (Administrator): I’m excited to be working in the office for my 6thth year at Pemi! During the winter I live at Northfield Mt. Hermon School with my husband Greg and my three children. I also teach elementary school.

Kim Malcolm (Administrator): This is my 23rd year at Camp Pemi. During the offseason I live at Northfield Mt. Hermon School with my husband Charlie and 2 children. I am also a physical therapist.

Cabin Counselors

 J1 – Matt Cloutier: This past spring I completed my first semester at Middlebury College. Prior to beginning my courses, I took a gap semester in the fall, during which I worked as a research intern for an NGO that studies Costa Rican rainforest and marine ecology. This summer marks my 10th at Pemi and second on staff, and I relish the opportunity to contribute once more to the nature and athletic programs.

J2 – Wesley Eifler: I was born and raised in Connecticut and I am a rising senior at American University where I am studying Elementary Education and History. This summer will be my 11th at Pemi and my 4th on staff. This year in addition to my studies, I worked at the National Presbyterian School where I was a student teacher in the 4th grade and in their after school program. Throughout the summer I will be coaching baseball and instructing in other activities around camp. I am thrilled to be back at Pemi and cannot wait for the summer to begin!

 J3 – Mark Welsh: This will be my 2nd summer on the shores of Lower Baker, and I am looking forward to another great summer. I am entering my senior year at the University of Dundee where I study pharmacology, and I’m happy to be at Pemi for a fresh change to the hectic pace of university. I am excited to get back into the Nature Lodge and help campers rediscover all that Pemi can offer.

 J4 – Michael Mckeand (Division Head): I am from Scotland and a graduate from the University of Edinburgh, though I am currently applying to do a primary teaching degree (the UK equivalent of elementary). This will be my second year at Pemi. As well as coaching soccer and working in the nature programme, I will also be Junior Division head and will hopefully manage to coach an occupation in that most superior of sports, rugby. Having been unable to return last summer, I am very excited to be coming back this year and am looking forward to another great summer.

J5 – Matt Sherman: I come from Rye, NY, and just finished my freshman year at Northwestern University, where I am studying mechanical engineering. I’m very excited for my first year on staff at Pemi! I was a camper for 6 years, and I will be teaching baseball, soccer, and swimming this summer. I can’t wait to give back to the camp that has given me so much over the years.

J6 – Eoin Mullaney: My name is Eoin Mullaney and this will be my 2nd year on the shores of Lower Baker. I will be a rising sophomore at Oberlin College studying Neuroscience and Biochemistry. I will primarily be coaching baseball and ultimate frisbee this summer as well as helping out with basketball and soccer.

L1 – Attila Petho: I am from Hungary, Central Europe, and I will be the camp bugler this summer. This will be my first time at Pemi; in fact, my first time overseas as well. I am a third-year student majoring in English and American Studies at ELTE University, Budapest, and I have just finished with the department’s writing program as a specialization. In addition to my role as a cabin counselor, I will be helping campers to develop their musical skills. I am very excited about the summer, and will do my best to contribute to the boys’ great experience at Camp Pemi.

L2 – John Fauver: I am from Minneapolis, MN, and I am a rising sophomore at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C. This will be my 7th summer at Pemi and my first as a staff member.

L3 – Josh Hess (Co-counselor with Theo): I’m from Northern California. This is my second season at Pemi, where I teach piano and assist with the Gilbert and Sullivan production. This past year, I’ve worked at a gourmet restaurant, continued my studies at Oberlin College, and begun learning how to fix my car. I’m looking forward to another awesome summer at Pemi!

L3 – Theo Nickols (Co-counselor with Josh): I am from Northumberland, U.K, Hadrian’s Wall country, and I’m currently on my gap year. Earlier this year I worked as a volunteer in India for three months with children from local schools of all ages. I’m hoping to be in the University of Nottingham in the autumn to study Environmental Science. I’m very excited about coming to Pemi for my first summer, where I’ll be coaching tennis, basketball and drama. I’m looking forward to a great summer!

L4 – Harry Eifler: I will be attending RIT in the fall as a freshman computer science major. Here at Pemi, I instruct mostly in archery and the arts; however, I do know my way around the tennis court and baseball field as well. This will be my tenth summer at Pemi, and second on staff. I’m looking forward to another wonderful summer with the boys!

L5 – Dan Reed (Division Head): I’ve been at Pemi since the tender age of 3 months, and this year will serve as division head for the Lower division. I plan to teach photography, geology, tennis, and a few other odds and ends. I study Geology and English at Middlebury College, where I will graduate this coming January.  I look forward to spending my 22nd Pemi summer with the 2014 camp family.

L6 – Kevin Heynig: I’m from Marquette in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am a senior at Northern Michigan University where I study the ecology of the Great Lakes and entomology. My passion and skills lie in natural history and aquatic insect ecology. I will be teaching occupations that provide campers the unique opportunity to see into the lives of aquatic insects and other wetland dwelling creatures.

L7 – Nate Kraus: This is my 8th year at Pemi. I’m going into my sophomore year at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I am majoring in anthropology and rowing crew. I’m excited to teach sailing, tennis, and music at Pemi. I can’t wait to be back on Lower Baker Pond for what should be another awesome summer!

U1 – Nathan Nacheff: I am from Short Hills, New Jersey. I am a rising sophomore at Hobart College, where I plan to study English and economics. This is my first year on the Pemi staff, but I have always held a special place in my heart for Pemi, as I was a camper for four years.

U2 – JJ Strnad: I’m from Palo Alto, California and I just finished my sophomore year at St. Olaf College where I play football and am majoring in math and computer science. I’m very excited to be back at Pemi for my 4th year and first on staff.

U3 – Fritz Windover: I grew up in Bennington, Vermont, and I just finished my first year at Bates College where I’m currently studying economics and politics. This is my first summer at Camp Pemi, and I am excited for the summer ahead. I will primarily be involved with the soccer program, though I hope to help with ultimate frisbee, along with new occupations.

U4 – William Clare (Division Head): I am from New York City and just graduated from Hunter College with a B.S. in Accounting. This is my 13th full summer at Pemi and I will be the Division Head for the Uppers, as well as teaching a wide variety of sports. I am extremely excited to have another summer at Pemi before returning to the “real” world!

U5 – Harry Norman: I am from Weymouth, England, where I play soccer for two teams. This is my first summer at Pemi. In addition to being an Upper cabin counselor this summer, I will also lifeguard and coach soccer.

S1 – Tighe Burnham: I’m from Fletcher, Vermont, and this will be my 2nd year at Pemi. I went to Northfield Mount Hermon, and recently graduated with a degree in Finance from the Isenberg School of Management. This summer I look forward to teaching various water sports, coaching soccer, and lending a hand wherever I can.

S2 – Dan Walder: I hail from Brighton on the south coast of Great Britain. This winter I’ve been working a number of odd jobs including tree surgery, scientific research, and landscaping. I’m very excited to be returning for my 2nd summer at Pemi. Throughout the season I’ll be working in the Nature Lodge, covering a variety of subjects and also lending a hand in the wood shop.

S3 – Ben Ridley (Division Head): I’m really excited to be back once again for my fourth summer at Pemi. I’m looking forward to once again bringing new ideas to the music, arts, and woodshop programs as well as preaching England’s continuing supremacy in the World Cup (who says you can’t be positive!). I’m really excited to see how the summer unfolds!

LT – Adam Sandler: This will be my 12th summer at Pemi. I’m from Pound Ridge, New York, and during the year I attend Saint Michael’s College in Vermont.  I am looking forward to teaching wood shop, fishing, and lacrosse this summer.

Assistant Counselors

J1 – Will Henry: I’m a local from Keene, NH. Next year I will be a freshman at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, where I will be studying political science, psychology, and joining the fencing team. This is my second year at Camp Pemi, where I will be teaching archery, swimming, canoeing, and possibly fencing. I’m looking forward to a great summer with all of the boys here!

J2 -James Kemp: I’m from Hailsham on the southeast coast of England. I have been working since I left school last year to earn some money to come to Camp Pemi. I am hoping to become an actor and will be looking for a placement at a drama academy when I return to England. I have been performing with local amateur dramatic societies. This is my first year at Camp Pemi and I am looking forward to meeting the campers soon. My hobbies are performing arts, rugby, rowing, athletics and cricket.

J3 – Nick Davini: I’m from Plainfield, New Hampshire, and I recently graduated from Lebanon High School. This is my sixth summer at Pemi, and my second year on staff. I will be working in the wood shop and various other places around camp.

J4 – Michael DiGaetano: I am Michael DiGaetano from Piedmont, California. I was a camper at Pemi for 5 years and am very excited to be working at camp. I will mainly be working on the waterfront and baseball field but I would also like to lead a few trips as well. I am very excited for the 2014 season.

J5 – Tobias Sengpiel: I am from Duesseldorf, Germany, where I recently graduated from high school. I am gladly looking forward to returning to the shores of Lower Baker Pond for the third time, the first season as a staff member. I know it will be a great season again and I am proud to be a part in this camp family.

J6 – Michael Kerr: This is my second summer at Pemi. I will be teaching sailing, soccer and archery. In the fall I will be a freshman at Champlain College studying psychology.

L1 – Max Livingstone-Peters: I’m from Middlebury, Vermont, where I just graduated high school. I am headed to Lake Forest College next year, north of Chicago. I was a camper at Pemi for six years and am excited to be back as an assistant counselor.

L2 – Jack Spellman: I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to enjoy this summer on the shores of Lower Baker Pond with the boys! It is my first year at Pemi, where I will be helping out in baseball, tennis, and music (drums). I am from Lakewood, Ohio, and in the upcoming fall I will attend the University of Michigan.

L4 – Will Pearson: My name is Will Pearson and I’m from Essex, England. I like playing sports, of which my favourite is rugby. I’ll also help with lifeguarding and swimming this summer.

L5 – Dana Wensberg: I am from Gloucester, MA, and just completed a post-graduate year at Deerfield Academy. It was an amazing experience and I will be continuing my education at Trinity College next fall, where I will be majoring in engineering. I spent eight summers as a camper at Pemi, and this will be my first on staff. I am an avid hockey player, and I’ve played competitive ultimate Frisbee for the past two years. I’m very excited to finally return to Lower Baker after a 3-year absence.

U1 – Teagen Burnham: I am from a small town called Fletcher located in northern Vermont. I graduated from Kimball Union Academy this spring, and will be attending Clarkson University in the fall to study Software Engineering. I am very thankful for my brother who encouraged me to work at Camp Pemi with him this summer. I look forward to working with campers and coaching lacrosse, tennis, and soccer.

U2 – TH Pearson: I am from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, where I am a rising senior at Hastings High School. This will be my 9th summer at Pemi (my 10th including Pemi West) and my first year on staff. I am excited to teach sailing, photography, and lacrosse this summer. Carpe diem!

U3 – Eric Groenloh: Well, born and raised in Germany, I was the luckiest person to have my grandfather send me to Pemi as a camper from 2006 until 2010. I will graduate with the German A-level next year. I love sports, especially soccer, and have been coaching kids for four years already. I’m looking forward to my 6th summer at my second home, where I will coach sports as well as conditioning.

U4 – Idrissa Bangura: I am from Freetown, Sierra Leone. This fall I will attend Boston College and will be part of their soccer team. I hope to major in Biology with the goal of becoming a doctor. My dream is to build a homeless shelter or hospital in Sierra Leone to help those in need.

Trip Leaders

U5 – Juan Jose Vela: My mission as a trip counselor is to make this summer a memorable time for the campers. For me, it is a great opportunity and I am excited to lead Pemi trips. During the last few years I have been studying law at the University of los Andes in Colombia, where I also had the opportunity to be part of a scout group.

S1 – Harry Morris: I am from West Hartford, Connecticut. I am currently a rising senior at Wofford College, which is down in South Carolina. I am studying religion and philosophy there.

S2 – Joey Gish: Hello! I am Joey Gish from the wild, wild, West aka the North Olympic Peninsula! I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in biochemistry, and I have a deep love for old-time fiddle music (which I play), bicycles, and the great outdoors!

S3 – Matt Bolton: Hello! My name is Matt Bolton and I’ll be returning to Pemi for my third year on staff, and my second year as a trip counselor. I currently attend New York University where I am majoring in Fine Arts and German. I’m looking forward to exploring the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire with your boys this summer, and hopefully with better weather than last year.

Program Staff

Trey Blair: This will be my 3rd summer at Pemi, and 2nd exclusively working with the baseball program. I am a Kentuckian by birth, but proudly call Fort Worth, Texas, my home. I have been in education for 9 years, starting as a kindergarten teacher and now serving as Assistant Head of Lower School at Fort Worth Country Day. I was a collegiate baseball player and have coached varsity baseball for 7 years. My wife, Katie, and daughter, Nathalie Mae, are excited to come to Pemi just in time to escape the Texas heat.

Maggie Boomgaarden: I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’m going to coach basketball, baseball, and volleyball and manage the front room of the Messhall. In my life outside of Pemi, I teach Spanish, am a dorm parent, and coach volleyball, basketball, and softball at a high school boarding school.

Laura Bubar (Head of Arts): This is my first summer at Camp Pemi and I will be the Head of Arts. I am an artist, photographer and K-12 art teacher from Maine. I’m so excited to bring in a load of fun, new art projects to Pemi this summer!

Larry Davis (Director of Nature Programs and Teaching): This is my 45th season as Director of Nature Programs and Teaching. I hold AB and AM degrees in Earth Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD. in Geological Sciences from the University of Rochester. In the off-season, I am Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Head of the Undergraduate Program in Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven. I love to cook (and am the chef for the Wild Foods occupation), tell long stories featuring Mainer Orrin Tucker, root for the Red Sox, and collect waterfalls.

Dorin Dehls (Head of Music): I joined the Pemi family in 2008 and I can’t wait embark on another fantastic summer! I teach music during the school year for grades K-8 in Wallingford, Connecticut. I am excited to step into the role of Head of Music and Drama this summer and I look forward to directing our production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore.

Angel Ekstrom (Head of Waterskiing): As an outdoor educator with a doctoral degree in Education, I have been a field instructor for NOLS and Outward Bound, a programmer and field instructor at university outdoor programs, and a wilderness therapeutic counselor working with adjudicated males. Currently, I am an instructor in Adventure Education, manage the indoor climbing wall, and coordinate the Outdoor Center at Plymouth State University. I’ve taught rock climbing, paddling, mountaineering, snow orientation, canyoneering, backpacking, adventure skills, ropes facilitator courses, orienteering, wilderness first responder, lifeguarding, CPR, first aid, AED, oxygen administration at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I live in Rumney, NH, just down the road from Pemi.

Maddie Fried: I am excited to be spending my first summer here at Pemi! My hometown is San Francisco, and I am a rising junior following my passion of art and pursuing a BFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I will be teaching hands-on projects in the art program and in the woodshop, as well as working on the beautiful waterfront teaching wakeboarding and swimming.

Emilie Geissinger: This is my third year on staff. I am from Darien, CT, and graduated from Bates College in the spring with a BS in Biology. At Pemi, I teach swimming, canoeing, and other waterfront activities. In the fall, I will be teaching Biology at Nobles and Greenough.

Stevens Hill: I was born in Rochester N.Y. I graduated from Union College in N.Y. with a B.S. in Industrial Economics. I was a partner in an import auto repair shop in Rochester N.Y. I am married and have one son, Christopher. I have been living in Gilford N.H. for 30 years where I have been working in the marine industry. I like to sail, ski and walk with my wife Adele.

Simon Jarcho (Assistant Athletic Director): I live in Vermont and am a boarding school teacher during the year. At Pemi, I will be the assistant athletic director, coaching soccer and tennis. I can’t wait to eet all of the Pemi campers and settle into my first summer here!

Chris Johnson (Head of Tennis): I am very excited for my first year at Camp Pemi! I have taught 4th grade in Lakewood, Ohio, for the past 13 years and coach both girls’ and boys’ tennis. My boys’ teams have won the league title 3 of the past 5 years and I have coached my girls’ team to 2 state championships and 2 top 3 finishes. Also joining me at camp will be my wife, Ashley, and my two kids, Clayton who is 4 and Lauren who is 2.

Deb Kure (Associate Head of Nature): Since studying Geology at the University of Rochester, I’ve loved teaching outdoor science through camps, museums, and trips programs throughout the US. During the school year I’m an Educator with Quarrybrook Outdoor Learning Center, in southern New Hampshire.  Glad to now be in The Granite State year-round!

Harry MacGregor (Head of Shop): This will be my 4th summer at Camp Pemi and I look forward to passing on my knowledge of woodworking. I grew up in Lowell, MA, and for the last 30 years have lived in Canaan, New Hampshire. I have had a long career in commercial, industrial, and residential construction and have owned my own business focusing on custom woodworking.

Charlie Malcolm (Director of Athletics): I’m entering my 31st season on the shores of Lower Baker, and my 26th as Pemi’s Athletic Director.  During the school year at the Northfield Mount Hermon School, I teach history, coach soccer and baseball, and lead travel abroad programs. I hold a Premier License from the National Soccer Coaches Association and have recently led NMH’S Boys’ Varsity soccer team to two New England Class A Championships. My wife Kim and our two children, Patterson and Victoria, join me at camp.

Jonathan Merrin (Head of Archery): I am from London, England, and this will be my 3rd summer at Pemi where I am returning to be the Head of Archery. After the last 2 years I could not wait to come back and join the camp community once more. After camp this year I will be heading back to Canada for another season on the slopes.  I hope to have another great summer at Pemi, and can’t wait to have lots more fun with campers both old and new!

Becky Noel: My name is Becky (Becks), coming from Hampshire, UK, to New Hampshire for the first time. I can’t wait to share my love of singing and violin-ing through the music programme as well as working at the waterfront. I’ve recently returned from 3 months voluntary work in Sierra Leone and after camp I’ll be starting my studies at Manchester University in Anatomical Sciences.

Sam Seymour (Head of Staff): After graduating from Vassar College and taking some time to explore the “real world,” I’m excited to return to Pemi for my 8th summer (4th on staff). My last summer was in 2010 as the counselor of Upper 4. Since 2010 I’ve been working in research science – first at immunology lab in San Diego, followed by a stint at a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. As the Head of Lacrosse this summer, I’m excited to coach Pemi’s laxers to success. I’ll also be contributing to basketball, the nature program, and soccer goalkeeping.

Paige Wallis (Head of Swimming and Waterfront): I’m from Norwich, Vermont, and this is my fifth summer at Pemi. This past winter I worked at the Dartmouth Skiway and was able to help plan the first Pemi Ski Day, sure to be an annual event! This summer I’m looking forward to another wonderful season at Pemi.

Olivia Walsh (Head of Sailing): I currently live in New Canaan, CT, but I have moved around quite a bit. I just finished my freshman year at Kenyon College (after spending a gap year living in Madagascar, Belize, and Ghana).  At Kenyon I play on the varsity soccer team and I am most excited about cross-cultural studies. This is my 4th summer at Pemi and I look forward to another summer as the Head of Sailing.

Amy Watt: I am from London and I have just graduated from Nottingham Business School. This will be my second year at Pemi working in the art program. I am looking forward to seeing some old and new faces! After Pemi I will make my way down to South America to work for an NGO; I am then moving to Canada to work within research.

Caretakers of our Physical and Mental Well-Being

Megan Brockelsby (Nurse): I am from the state of Washington and will be joining Pemi to be part of the nursing staff. I work at a university health center during the school year, which has allowed me the time to come for the summer.  I am looking forward to working at Pemi!

Szervac Halmai (Kitchen Staff): I am from Hungary. This is my second time in Pemi because I spent my last summer here as a kitchen worker. It was a hard job but I was very satisfied when we finished. I came back because it was a great time in my life and I met a lot of interesting people here. I come here with my brother and my friend. I invited them because I want them to discover the A merican culture.

Reed Harrigan (Head of Buildings and Grounds): I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and graduated from Frostburg State College with a degree in Parks and Recreation. I decided that New England was where I wanted to be and took a job as recreational director at Waterville Estates, a resort community in Campton, NH. I then procured a job at a local high school, working with special education students and as a seasonal Forest Ranger in the White Mountain National Forest. I began working at Camp Pemi six seasons ago, first as a bus driver and maintenance person, then as an instructor in canoeing and kayaking. This is my second year as year-round Facilities and Grounds Director. I am excited for everyone to see the newly-expanded Lodge and two new cabins that were built over the winter.

Pappy Hayes (Assistant Chef): I was born and raised in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. I have over 25 years of experience in the culinary field and excited about being here at Camp Pemi for summer 2014. When not at Camp Pemi assisting Chef Stacey I live in Bowling Green, KY, and am Executive Chef at Deer Creek Lodge in Sebree, KY (a hunting and fishing lodge). I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and helping to make it an exciting summer for all.

Emily Martyn (Nurse): I grew up in Brattleboro, Vermont, and earned my BA from Kenyon College. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Nursing in nurse midwifery at Yale University, where I also received my certificate in nursing. In the years between undergrad and grad school I worked as an assistant special education teacher and in healthcare research. I’m excited for my first summer as a Pemi nurse!

Stacey Saville (Head Chef): I’m originally from New York but currently live in Pensacola Florida where I teach young mothers (and fathers!) how to prepare balanced, healthy meals for their families. I have 28 years’ experience as a chef with a special passion for baking. For my third summer at Pemi, I’ll continue to incorporate produce and fresh foods from local farms into the menu. I’m delighted with my hardworking and energetic 2014 kitchen crew, made up of representatives from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland.

Zbynek Nemecek (Kitchen Staff): It’s my first year at Pemi and first time in the US. I come from Czech Republic, which is famous for Antonin Dvorak, Vaclav Havel, etc. At university I study technology and mechanical engineering. I love music, because I play clarinet and I am a singer in a choir.

Michal Przybylski (Kitchen Staff): I come from Poland, where I live in Katowice. I study finance and accounting at the University of Economics in Katowice. I am 23. My biggest passion is music so I play trumpet when I have some free time. At Pemi I work as a member of the kitchen staff.

Viktor Sandor (Kitchen Staff): I am Viktor from Hungary. I am studying social pedagogy. It’s my first time in the USA and also at Pemi. Everybody is very kind and I like working in the kitchen.

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2022 Newsletter #6

Good afternoon from yet another beautiful day in Wentworth, The weather here at Pemi continues ...