Packing For Pemi…Through The Ages

In honor of the annual ritual of “packing for summer camp,” it seems timely to dig into the archives to appreciate two packing lists from Camp Pemigewassett’s early days. Not only do they offer a glimpse into another day and time, but, when juxtaposed to today’s packing list, they provide good fodder for conversation on what was included and what wasn’t—then and now.

Draw whatever conclusions you want!



Session length: 9 weeks. Tuition: $175.00





Session length: 8 weeks. Tuition: $475.00




Session length: 3 ½ weeks or 7 weeks. Tuition: $5200 or $7900.



One thought on “Packing For Pemi…Through The Ages

  1. When did the horses of 1956 leave us? Since the khaki trousers and the flannel shirts were optional in 1908 packers taking this as literal would be fully attired in the sleeveless cotton shirts. Note the photo from 1908 as to actual attire; no shorts it appears.

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