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Update on Northern Pass

In March 2011, we learned that Northern Pass posed a threat to Pemi land. The blog post, Help Us Stop High Power Voltage Lines Over Pemi, inspired many Pemi alumni and friends to take action. It worked. Shortly after, we published good news in Pemi Dodges Proposed Power Lines. The Spring, 2012, edition of Forest Notes (the publication of Society for the Protection of NH Forests) has an update on Northern Pass. 
Principal points:
1) Northern Pass has been blocked by legislation from using eminent domain as a tool for acquiring a route for the transmission lines;
2) SPNHF raised more than $850,000 in only five weeks to allow the Society to purchase a conservation easement on The Balsams in Dixville Notch and block that proposed Northern Pass route;
3) Burial of the transmission lines within existing state-owned rights-of-way (highways and railroads) is being examined as an option.
Thanks to all who have supported the effort to protect northern New Hampshire!