Larry Davis Honored by the Geological Society of America

We are delighted to announce that the Geological Society of America has named Larry Davis as a Fellow of the society. Larry, who spends the off-season as Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven, is in his 43rd year at Pemi where he serves as Director of Pemi’s renowned Nature Program.

The Geological Society of America (GSA) cited Larry for “distinguished contributions in building the public’s awareness of geology and its impacts on environmental problems; his extensive service to GSA’s Geology and Public Policy Committee, Northeastern Section, and to the Geology and Society Division; and his assistance to local government agencies in solving environmental problems.” The society has over 24,000 members worldwide. GSA members are elected to Fellowship in recognition of distinguished contributions to the geosciences, an honor that is bestowed on the best of the profession.

In recent years, as the citation notes, Larry has served on GSA’s Committee on Geology and Public Policy, which writes position papers for the organization. Of special note is his contribution to the position paper on climate change, one of the strongest statements of its kind from any geoscience society and which reflects the scientific consensus that has developed around this challenge. He also helped write position papers on several other topics including Land Use Management, Diversity in the Geosciences, and Natural Hazards. He is currently the vice-chair of the Society’s Division on Geology and Society and will become chair of this division in October, 2012. Larry also serves as the Chair of the Science Committee (the “Chief Scientist”) for the Northeastern Cave Conservancy.

Larry has long advocated for summer camps as ideal venues in which to promote true outdoor education and stewardship of the environment. A member of the Children and Nature Task Force of the American Camp Association (ACA), Larry will chair a panel on Models for Nature Programs at Camp and More: In Summer and After School; Rural and Urban Settings, part of the “conference within the conference” on Children and Nature at the American Camp Association national meeting in Atlanta this February. Participants also include Pemi’s Associate Director of Nature, Deb Kure, representing Campfire International.

Most recently, Larry was invited to apply for participation in a National Science Foundation sponsored workshop/conference at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum in February. Limited to 100 participants, the conference is entitled 21st Century Learning in Natural History Settings: A Conference to Initiate Research-Driven Innovation in Informal Natural History Learning. At Larry’ suggestion, conference organizers have also invited Pemi counselor, Conner Scace, to apply. Conner is planning a career as an environmental educator.

Please join us in congratulating Larry, not only on this significant honor of having been elected as Fellow of the Geological Society of America, but for a lifetime of sharing his expertise and passion with others, especially the campers and staff at Camp Pemigewassett.

7 thoughts on “Larry Davis Honored by the Geological Society of America

  1. Congratulations Larry! The Nature program at Pemi has no equal with your long time guidance. It’s great to see your “other” side being honored.

  2. Congratulations – This honor is well deserved. My sons have gained a wealth of knowledge and a deep appreciation of nature from Larry and his dedication to the nature program at Pemi. One quick question – is there a way to rid my basement of the smell of Matt’s Butterfly and Insect Collection 🙂

  3. The “smell” is naphthalene (moth balls). It is a harmless (unless you eat it) repellant that discourages insects and insect larvae from getting into the collection and eating the specimens. It is frequently used in areas where wool clothing, blankets, etc. are stored. Failure to include it in the specimen boxes will result in the collection being destroyed. The only thing I can think of is to store the collection in an air tight container or in a place where the odor is not an issue. If the collection is enclosed or removed, the smell will quickly dissipate from the basement. On the other hand, every time the container is opened to look at the collection, then the smell will return. I’m sorry, really don’t have a better answer than this.

  4. Larry – You are going above and beyond your call of duty. While I was half-joking, the answer above is one of the reasons why you have been honored by GSA and why my boys and countless others spend their summers in the nature cabin.

  5. In the history of Pemi, there have been only two head nature counselor’s. Clarence Dike and Larry Davis. Clarence Dike died in 1958,(I think that’s right) Larry took over the program in 1970. When I was a Pemi Camper, Nature wasn’t high on my priority list. But Larry has been the rock of the nature program, which continues to thrive. Congradulations Larry for your excellent and informative dedication to nature.

  6. Congratulations, Larry! Well earned. I am still grateful for your encouraging me to “just keep doing [the What-Is-It?]” I have four beautiful cases on my wall as testament to that wise advice. A metaphor for life, perhaps? Best wishes.

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