Camp Pemi Hires Alumni Community Coordinator

Nikki Tropeano joins the Pemi staff as Alumni Community Coordinator.

The Pemigewassett Board of Directors and the Fauver and Reed families are delighted to announce that Nicole Wilkinson Tropeano has joined the Pemi team as Alumni Community Coordinator, a newly created position aimed to serve and support a crucial constituency of our camp community.

Nikki grew up at the camp as the stepdaughter of Scott Withrow, the fabled Head of Music, and his wife Kay. Her formal roles at Pemi were many, beginning in the kitchen as a dishwasher and then a trip meal specialist, moving on to work in the office and then as an Assistant Counselor, Counselor, Head of Waterfront, Trip Leader, and then finally taking on the key positions of both Head of Staff and Head of Program. It’s hard to imagine anyone who wasn’t once “a boy” having a better handle on how Pemi operates. Nikki’s role as a member and recent President of the Rittner Fund Board has kept her closely involved in year-to-year operations and further consolidated her relationship with many alumni. Nikki’s Pemi credentials are striking, and along with her long and unquestioned love of camp, put her in a position to do a wonderful job.

Nikki’s training and experience in the professional world only add to our excitement in having hired her and our confidence that her impact will be immediate and profound. Nikki is a graduate of the College of Wooster, and earned a M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision at Antioch University New England. She was Director of the Middle School at Browne Academy in Alexandria, VA, before moving to Thayer Academy, in Braintree, MA where she served as Director of the Middle School. It’s our great good fortune that the recent birth of Nikki and husband Todd’s daughter, Brooklyn, has led Nikki to modify her career path, moving from secondary school administration to sign on with us.

Nikki will be in touch soon with her own vision for moving the alumni community forward. Most importantly, she will seek your vital input on such varied events and possibilities as:

  • Pemi’s 105th Reunion, slated for August 17-19, 2012
  • Off-site gatherings that reflect Pemi’s instructional program of Sports, Nature, Music & Art, and Trips.
  • The Pemi Blog: articles featuring alums or written by alums
  • Bean Soup: digitalizing past editions
  • Alumni networking: for college visits, in the workplace, and to support former campers who take the Pemi spirit and ethos into the world.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have added Nikki to the organization. If you know her already, you’ll be as thrilled as we are that she’s signed on as our Alumni Community Coordinator. If you’ve yet to meet her, we’re certain you’ll be quickly taken with her energy, dedication, charm, and hearty devotion to everything Pemigewassett. We look forward to working with her – and through her, with our Pemi alumni – for many years to come.



7 thoughts on “Camp Pemi Hires Alumni Community Coordinator

  1. Wow! Great idea to create this position–to make sure we alumni/alumnae remain connected with Camp Pemi. It seems to me that Nikki is a pretty well qualified, experienced, Pemi staff person to take on this position. It sounds like she’s been involved in just about every possible role at Pemi that she could be, so far. So, good pick; and “Congratulations” to Nikki!

  2. Welcome and Congratulations to Nikki!We are the proud parents of one recent Alum and cant wait to meet you!It will be very exciting to see what you have to offer in the coming years.

    With the greatest of luck in your new, very exciting position with Pemi,

    Best Wishes,

    Zosia and David, Parents of Max Livingstone-Peters

  3. I am happy to hear that Nikki Tropeano is the Pemi alumni coordinator. I think this is a good chioce, and she will do a wonderful job. I remember Nikki as a little girl, during my final summer as a Pemi camper in 1978. Her mom Kay Withrow married Scott Withrow, in november of that year. I am sure that is right. Scott Withrow died of cancer march 11 1993. Definitely he is not forgoten at Pemi. Nikki also coached the 10 and under soccer team in 1989. I’m they won the Tri States that year. Again I am happy that Nikki has this position at Pemi.

    Also a personal sad note to pass along. My father passed away wednesday night in New York City. He was 80 years old. Many of Pemi alums knew who he was, and what he stood for. Pemi friends were always a great group of people to be around, and I can’t hardly think of a better group of people to share this with.

  4. My Pemi years were before Nikki’s (’34-’41 as a boy, ’42,’43,’46 as a counsellor) but she looks like Pemi to me, and the job sounds wonderful, timely, and appropriate. Welcome, Nikki! I’ll be eager to hear about you and your work — and how it will make Pemi even better. From one of those who carries Pemi with him every day, and has for 77 years. . .
    – Jake Newsom

  5. know and served under Nikki at pemi from 94 till 2000 and bumped into her many times since when our paths were lucky enough to cross, and can’t think of a better person to head up the alums. she has coached me, encouraged me, helped me out of trouble, spent a well earned day off with, and driven me to AandE more than once! if Dotti is the Pemi queen then Nikki is the new alum princess.

  6. Nikki,

    Congratulations on this new position. It really is heartwarming to see that you are still connected to Pemi.

    Best of Luck,


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