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Frank Roberts: New Head of Buildings and Grounds

Frank Roberts

It is my pleasure to share with the Pemi community that Frank Roberts is Pemi’s new Head of Buildings and Grounds! Frank has been at Pemi for the past five summers as a member of the team that Reed Harrigan dutifully led. In July, Reed shared with Pemi his plans for retirement following the 2021 summer.

Before introducing Frank further, we share our appreciation for Reed’s dedication to camp for the last fourteen years. Reed began his tenure as the Head of B&G in 2013 and helped to usher in a new era in facility enhancements. This directly affected the boys and the Pemi program in a number of incredibly positive ways. Starting first with the renovated Senior Lodge, Reed was the driving force for many new buildings including the new Upper 4 & Upper 5 cabins. He renovated other cabins on Intermediate Hill, and orchestrated the building of two new staff cabins in Junior Camp, the new playing fields project, the refurbished Mess Hall and kitchen, the new dock system at Senior Beach, along with dozens of smaller improvements that allowed Pemi to function to its fullest.

Frank Roberts and Reed Harrigan

But what Reed gave to Pemi is far more than the physical enhancements that Pemi will continue to enjoy well into the future. His genuine interest in the people at Pemi is unmatched. He relished the interactions he had with fellow staff members, working to make their experience the best it possibly could be. Reed also loved Opening Day, when the campers arrived back to Pemi in June to allow the facility to come alive once again. He loved seeing the boys live life to its fullest. Thank you, Reed! 

Frank will continue this tradition of excellence utilizing his five years as a member of the B&G team at Pemi, as well as many years working in various positions throughout New Hampshire. Frank possesses a great combination of practical skills needed to maintain the 75+ buildings and hundreds of acres. Whether that be the daily tasks of upkeep on Pemi’s fields, the oversight of the water system, or planning capital projects and improvements. He is able to quickly analyze any situation and make a clear, methodical plan of action. 

Frank grew up in New Hampshire near the seacoast and spent significant time with the Boy Scouts. He attended the University of New Hampshire studying macroeconomics and International Affairs with a focus on Russian Studies. Frank spent time studying abroad in Moscow. “I realized that although I enjoyed intellectual pursuits, I did not want to work within the realms of academia or business that would require building a life in an urban setting.” Frank shares,  “I felt the call of wild and open spaces.” To that end, he enjoys farming and gardening, hiking and canoeing, and fixing up classic cars and motorcycles – the iconic blue “Pemi Van” from the 1990’s is one of Frank’s current projects! 

The Roberts Family
Frank, Erica, Hazel, and Dylan!

Family is a priority for Frank and his wife Erica, who he met at UNH. They live nearby Pemi in Groton, NH on a six acre piece of wilderness with their children Hazel (nearly 4) and newborn Dylan. The Roberts Homestead will continue to grow and expand as the family tends to their elaborate organic gardens with plans to add livestock in the future. 

Frank has enjoyed working at Pemi, and he says, “my favorite aspects about camp are the incredible and passionate people I’ve met and worked with. And the interesting, varied, and challenging nature of the work that is never dull or boring.” He adds his hopes for playing a part in creating lifelong positive memories for generations of boys. 

Please join me in welcoming Frank to this new role at Pemi!

-Kenny Moore