Ander Wensberg’s Next Chapter of Pemi Involvement


Ander Wensberg

As things wind down at the end of a highly successful season, we would like to take a moment to extend our profound thanks to Ander Wensberg for four years of energetic and productive service on the Pemi Board of Directors. Ander is not leaving us but will now assume a central role conceiving and creating a new Pemi Advisory Committee, broadening the scope of counsel and experience on which camp is able to draw. Ander joined the Board in 2009 at a key time of transition and he served a vital role ushering Pemi into a new era. His expertise in media and especially video was instrumental in upgrading the Pemi website. He also masterminded and oversaw the process by which Bean Soup has been digitized and made available to Pemi alums in electronic form.

Along with his brother Peter, Ander arrived at Pemi as a camper in the 1970s and proceeded up through the ranks to cabin counselor as one of the truly charismatic leaders of camp. Aiding and abetting him was longtime friend Fred Rittner, whose campfire and vaudevilles skits with Ander still set the bar for Pemi lunacy and laughter. Ander and wife Lisa’s son, Dana, was also a longtime Pemi camper, and their daughter Kelsey a staff member for multiple summers.

The entire Pemi community joins the Fauvers and Reeds in thanking Ander for his many contributions of spirit and effort over the years, and we look forward with great expectations to this next chapter of his Pemi involvement.

As we envision an Advisory Committee comprised of members whose skills and expertise are targeted to meet the current and ongoing needs of running a top-flite and well-rounded boys’ camp, we invite alumni to contact us with their suggestions and insights. Ander and we are keenly interested in your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Ander Wensberg’s Next Chapter of Pemi Involvement

  1. My thanks to the board; Tom, Penelope, Al and Bertha, and Peter and Fred, for the opportunity. It was an honor and pleasure to serve this great institution. I am most excited by how we have encouraged the next generation of leadership at Pemi. To have the same family owned tradition continue on is a invaluable legacy. My decision to move on was an opportunistic one to embrace the growing enthusiasm from next generation Reeds and Fauvers who are ready to gain hands-on experience with the operations of the board. This started at a board retreat last year and I have high hopes for the many bright and talented G4’s who have come forward, eager to participate. This marked the finish line for me.

    I am proud of how Danny led us through a transition by instilling great teamwork and standards. I also want to recognize the countless everyday contributions from Dottie and Kenny over this time. To work with Roger and Seebs – my camp mates of 41 years ago, as the first non-family directors, is just another example of how Pemi is a place where friends are made for life.

    I look forward to this new advisory role and welcome your thoughts on our goals. I certainly will remained focused on our programmatic excellence, what we eat, the diversity of our campers and staff, and the vibrance of our alumni community. Don’t be surprised if I reach out and ask you what you think. Until then.

    Yours truly;


  2. I do wish the very best for the new Pemi Advisery Committee. Ander and I were campers together in the 70’s. He was a leader both on and off the athletic fields. I think he is a great chioce to be part of the Board of Directors, and now the new Advisery Committee.

  3. Ander there’s a name that bring back a host of memories 1979 and 1981…Great to see your are still contributing and inspiring

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