Access Your Online Account

HOW do I access my online account?

  • LOG IN at the very top right of or via the “Your Online Account” link on Pemi’s facebook page (look for the green leaf logo). Enter your email address and password.
  • Forgot your password? Click on “Retrieve/Set Password.” Don’t keep guessing—5 failed attempts will lock you out of your account, and the “Retrieve Password” process will no longer provide access.
  • The parent who submitted their son’s camper application created an account, with their user name (email address) and a password. That parent can access their account at any time by going to and clicking on LOG IN at the top right.
  • If the parent who submitted the application also provided a spouse’s email address (or that of a second family, in the case of divorce): that spouse can go to LOG IN, enter their email address, and click on “Retrieve/Set Password” to set their own password and create their own account.
  • If the parent who filled out the application did not provide the name and email address of a spouse (or second family contact), just send the information to Allyson at [email protected], and she will initiate an account for you.
  • We ask that each parent login via their unique user ID.
  • Not in our system and want to be? Email us.

WHAT can I do with my online account?

  • Submit a camper application
  • Pay tuition and submit funds for your son’s Camper Expense Account (CEA) by eCheck
  • Submit forms required for your son to attend camp
  • Update personal information
  • Look at photos and/or order prints, posters, and gifts throughout the year
  • Create guest accounts for grandparents and friends to view photos
  • More, depending on your relationship with Pemi. Log in and look around!

For a visual “how to” on finding your accounts balance, click here >>
For a visual “how to” on how to view photos, click here >>
For a visual “how to” on where to find forms that are required for attendance, click here >>

HELP! I’m locked out of my account…

Your account will lock after five failed password attempts. Once your account is locked, the ‘Retrieve Password’ process will no longer provide access to your account, and we will receive a notice that your account has been locked. We will send an email to the email associated with the account with a link in it, good for three days, for you to reset your password.

Questions about your online account?

Email us.