Activities for all interests and abilities

Are you especially interested in one of our program areas? Or maybe you have multiple interests? With the help of your cabin counselor, you’ll select from among dozens of activities with instruction from beginner to advanced levels to create your schedule for the coming week.

Pemi’s well-rounded camp program

Pemi’s program is both broad and deep. That means you can dig deep into what you love most—all the way to an expert level. And  Pemi is an ideal place to try something new, when you’re likely to discover additional talents and passions. Pemi will keep you engaged year after year, allowing you to focus and expand your interests. 

There are so many ways to describe a Pemi camper: a serious soccer player who wants to play piano; a creative artist who wants to climb mountains; a focused scientist who wants to experience acting; a talented tennis player who wants to learn the backstroke. Right out your cabin door will be excellent instruction in sports, nature, music, art, woodworking, drama, hiking, and canoeing, and a camp culture of support and encouragement.

Each Pemi boy can create his own distinctive path. Ask yourself, “What do I already love to do and want to get better at, and what would I like to try for the first time?” then check out our program areas, because chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for at Pemi!

Camp Pemigewassett is committed equally to excellence in these program areas: