Special Events

The bugler ushers us in a timely way from one activity, event, or meal to the next, such that within a short time of arrival, comfortable routines and rhythms create the framework of our days. That being said, camp is made extra special by the traditional, annual, long-awaited for events that punctuate the season.

4th of July festivities

  • P-rade. Each cabin group comes up with a 2-minute skit to present to a team of judges and the camp community. Laughter! Prizes!
  • Afternoon Games. Elephant Walk? No-hands Oreo-eating? These games keep all ages engaged in smiles.
  • Counselor Hunt. Identify a counselor by name and he has to jump off the high dive. Sound easy?
  • Vaudeville. A cross between a talent show, comedy presentation, and music explosion.

Big Buddy / Little Buddy Campfires

Every camper in the Junior Division is matched with a Big Buddy, a senior camper. Pemi’s oldest campers look forward to this leadership opportunity and to being role models just like the ones they looked up to when they were the little guys. As one senior camper remarked at the final Big Buddy/Little Buddy campfire, “what other place is there where you find guys who are 15 choosing to hang out and have fun with 9 year olds?”

Sports Days

Pemi is fortunate to have several camps nearby with whom we share similar outlooks on skill development, sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for the game. Several Saturdays are devoted to hosting or traveling to tournaments where Pemi teams can harness the skills that they’ve learned and practiced during morning instruction and put it all on the field or court.

Full-Season Camper Extravaganza Day

Designed especially for our 7-week campers! Does “water park”, “grilled steaks on the beach”, “feature movie”, “homemade donuts and hot chocolate” give a good idea? And what about…oh, some things should just be kept a secret.

Birthday Banquet

Celebrate all summer birthdays with a spectacular meal, topped off with a birthday cake for each and every table. Birthday boys (and girls) are honored individually with a limerick, which are collectively published in the annual volume of Bean Soup.

Pemi Week

  • Games Day. After a leisurely morning, enjoy lively cabin competition in egg toss, bag race, musical chairs, to name a few. End the day with a feature movie; always a secret til the credits starts to roll.
  • Daily events. Pentathlon, Swim Championships, Woods Dude’s Day, and much more
  • Vaudeville. A cross between a talent show, comedy presentation, and music explosion.
  • End-of-year Art Show. Where the creative efforts of campers and staff are celebrated in style
  • G&S performances. (See next entry)

Gilbert & Sullivan

A tradition of well over 60 years, with two evening performances. Not your ordinary camp play by any stretch. Read more >>

Final Banquet

Celebrate all the summer’s accomplishments in this time-honored night of tradition. A marvelous meal is followed by awards that bring smiles, applause, and the occasional teary eye as we know the summer has come to an end.