Pemi campers (and alumni) are often referred to as “Pemi Kids.”  Click on the “P” at the very top right of this page to learn why.

They come from New England, the Mid-atlantic, or any one of around 24-26 states or 7-9 countries outside the US.

They look out for one another.

They like playing sports or making art or being in nature or climbing mountains, or any combination of the four.

They’re brave enough to try new things, even when they’re nervous.

They come to Pemi with a friend from home or they come to Pemi not knowing anyone.

They don’t feel homesick at all, ever. Or if they do, they get through it and feel great afterwards, knowing that from now on they can have adventures away from home and be just fine.

They tend to come back summer after summer to reunite with their camp friends, to meet new boys, and to resume their adventures in a place they’ve grown to love.

“Pemi Kids” are like all boys. They learn quickly that they can relax and be who they want to be at Pemi, because being at camp has a way of bringing out the best in everyone.

How Do I Know if I’m Ready for Camp?

Simple. Once you’ve successfully spent the night away from home at a buddy’s house, you’re ready to be away from home for several weeks and will manage just fine. So, if you’ve wondered if you’re ready for camp and have spent the night away from home, then knowing this should make you feel good. However, you should know that while some parents are aware of this sign of readiness and will encourage you to give camp a try, other parents seem to want to wait for some other sign, like an airplane skywriting “HE IS READY.” That tends not to happen, so be patient with them, because if you feel a bit nervous about going to camp, chances are they do too. We’re here to support each one of you, answer questions, and welcome you to the Pemi family when the time feels right.

Just remember: if you’ve successfully spent the night away from home, you’re ready to be a camper. Trust us. It’s been the sign for over 100 years.


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