COVID and 2021. Learn more: updated Feb 5, 2021

Withdrawal, Cancellation, Refund Policies

Polices Specific to Covid-19 and Summer Camp 2021

IF PEMI IS UNABLE TO OPEN: If government regulations or any other reason prohibit Pemi from opening, please know that we are fully prepared to honor all requests for refunds. We will give enrolled families the option to receive a full refund (including the deposit), roll tuition to 2022, gift funds to Pemi, or request a combination of those options.

IF PEMI MUST CHANGE ITS SESSION DATES to offer alternative session dates, we will notify enrolled families immediately and you will receive the option to either enroll in the newly created session or receive a full refund.

IF PEMI MUST CLOSE DURING A SESSION, Pemi anticipates amending our no-refund policy in this unlikely scenario, and plans to offer the following to our families: 

  • If the closure occurs in the first half of your son’s session, Pemi will offer to refund 50% of tuition. 
  • If the closure happens in the second half of your son’s session, there will be no refund.

COVID TESTING – AN ADDITIONAL FEE: The New Hampshire Department of Health will require COVID testing though, at this time, the type and frequency (and thus the cost) is unclear. In addition to testing our staff, we anticipate administering 3-5 tests per camper—depending on their length of stay—including arrival day, 5 days into camp, and 10 or 12 days into camp. There might be times when additional testing is required. We anticipate passing on the direct costs associated with in-season COVID testing, which is likely to be in the range of $150 – $250.* If you foresee that this testing fee will present a financial obstacle for your family, please reach out to Directors Danny Kerr or Kenny Moore so that we can find assistance for your family in covering the fee. We don’t want required testing to prevent a boy from attending. 

*Families may be able to submit testing costs to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Pemi is fully prepared to cover other costs specific to COVID safety including, but not limited to, increased staffing and staff testing, tent rentals to provide outdoor food service, additional bathrooms and handwashing stations.

IF A BOY TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID: If a boy tests positive for Covid, he must be picked up within 24 hours. If this occurs within the first 10 days of his session, there will be no refund of tuition. Beyond that time period, we will communicate with the family to discuss an appropriate refund. After his quarantine at home and depending on timing in the session, he might be able to return to camp with a negative test result. 


PEMI’S STANDARD REFUND POLICY: Pemi’s refund policy for reasons other than what is covered above is straightforward and remains as published:

“In the event that you elect to withdraw and/or cancel your son’s enrollment, deposits are non-refundable (unless your child is on the waiting list and a space does not become available, or you apply for financial aid and we are unable to meet your needs). Tuition is non-refundable after December 15, and no reductions are made for withdrawal prior to the start of camp, late arrivals, early departures, missed days, withdrawal during the season, or any other cause. Directors also reserve the right to dismiss any camper who violates the camp rules or whose behavior is detrimental to the general welfare of camp. No refund will be made in the case of dismissal.”

TUITION OR PROGRAM PROTECTOR INSURANCE: Given our stated policy, we encourage families to look into and consider purchasing tuition or program protector insurance (similar to travel or trip protection) through a third-party in the event that they must withdraw their son from camp or cancel his enrollment due to unexpected reasons. There are a number of companies to explore, including MH Ross. Please look carefully at any policy to see if it covers Covid-19-related withdrawals.

QUESTIONS: As always, please contact us to discuss any of the above.