Package Policy

Please share this information with family members and friends who might send something to your son.

Camp Pemigewassett’s “Care Package” Policy:

  • Packages are limited to flat-envelope style, no more than one per week. (We understand that sometimes an item is forgotten and might require a larger package.)
  • They should contain reading/writing/art materials that can be enjoyed during rest hour and not silly games or toys. Campers love letters more than “stuff-just-because.”
  • No food of any kind is allowed. Not even a stick of gum. Thank you for honoring this rule and for setting a good example for your son and his friends.

When a boy receives a package, a notice is placed in his mailbox. He brings the notice to the office to get his package and will open it in the presence of an office staff member. This procedure enables us to manage trash, label items if needed, and monitor our no-food policy.