Trips: Staff

Tom Reed, Jr. has headed up the Trip Program for over 35 years. He acquired his love of the outdoors as a Pemi camper and has gone on to relish the mountain life in the British Isles, the Alps, New Zealand, and Nepal.

Many of our specialist trip staff are veterans of Pemi West, and all have attended the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Mountain Leadership School. They and all of the cabin staff leading day trips are trained and certified in Wilderness First Aid. Additional on-site training at Pemi emphasizes safety, sustainability, and making boys feel comfortable and in control as they meet the rewarding challenges of wilderness travel.

Pemi Trip Leaders offer briefings for participating campers prior to major trips that provide information on standard guidelines, risks, and procedures associated with backpacking trips in the White Mountains and the Northeastern US. ACA recommends that we share this with you.

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