During the 2020 summer, Pemi will host multiple virtual events for our campers, staff, alumni and parents. These events will allow us to remain connected and to continue camp’s traditions. A number of events will be pre-recorded and aired on Pemi’s Social Media channels, others will be held live on Zoom.

Find the list below of reoccurring events during the 2020 summer and Enjoy watching the past recordings. Mark your calendars for future events.

Be in touch with Kenny with questions or for more information!

Pemi Program

Connect with Pemi Program Heads as they offer at-home instruction in their program.

Waterskiing – Beginning – Molly Malone

Tennis – Chris Johnson

Waterskiing – Level II – Dropping a Ski – Molly Malone

Pemi Kid Challenge

Participate in traditional Pemi activities by joining us each week for the Pemi Kid Challenge 2020!  We’ll post a challenge for our campers, staff, and alumni to complete in order to be a 2020 Pemi Kid. Send your submission to Kenny!

Week 1 – Polar Bear Challenge
Take a video of yourself doing a morning Polar Bear, style points for creativity.

Week 1 – Polar Bear Montage
Watch dozens of Pemi kids take their Polar Bear dip from locations across the globe!

Week 2 – Take a hike! Challenge
Share a photo or video of your hike in the woods, style points for Pemi gear!

Week 2 – Take a hike! Montage
Watch the joy of these Pemi kids on their adventure in the great outdoors

Week 3 – Write a Letter Challenge
Continue the Pemi tradition of our Sunday Letter home. Write a handwritten letter of thanks to someone who has had an impact on your life this past year.

Week 4 – Birthday Greeting Challenge
As is the norm at our mid-season Birthday Banquet, we provide Birthday Greetings from around the world. Share yours today!

Week 5 – Pemi-Tecumseh Mile Challenge
Our annual athletic competition with Camp Tecumseh begins a new chapter in 2020. Our goal is to have more than 250 Pemi community members log a mile on Saturday, August 1.

Week 5 – Pemi-Tecumseh Mile Results
Enjoy this montage of Pemi milers; we surpassed our goal of 250 participants!

Week 6 – Environmental Sculpture Challenge
Be creative and use natural elements in your backyard to create an Environmental Sculpture.

Week 6 – Environmental Sculptures
View these wonderful creations sent in by Pemi Kids!

Week 7 – Games Day Challenge
Participate at home in one of Pemi’s classic Games Day activities (Egg Toss, Musical Chairs, Crab-walk Relay, Cookie Face off, Skittle Eating!)


A signature event for the entire Pemi community! We gather together to enjoy a variety of musical, storytelling, and comedic acts.

Watch our “Opening Day” Campfire – Saturday, June 27

What-is-it?!? Contest

The classic Nature Lodge activity that encourages us to explore and learn more about the natural world. New items will be posted bi-weekly for identification!

Click below to participate!

June 29 – What-is-it?

June 29 – Video Answer & Introduction of July 3 What-is-it!?!

July 3 – What-is-it!?!

The July 3 What-is-it?!? Answer From Deb Kure!
The Nature Lodge’s 5-ft-diameter tree is an Eastern White Pine. The Pemigewasset’s and the settlers walked amongst 8-ft-diameter 400-year-old Eastern White Pines. King William and Queen Mary issued the Massachusetts Bay Charter in 1691, establishing NH separate from MA, with a Mast Preservation Clause. All NH white pines more than two feet in diameter were reserved for the British Navy, to be used as ship masts. Formerly, “made masts” were pieced together from several pines from the Baltic region. Our white pines were recognized as the best mast trees in the world! Standard masts were three feet in diameter and 108 feet long. 4,500 masts were sent to Royal shipyards between 1694 and 1775. Many New England towns have a “Mast Road” – a straight-as-possible road from the town toward the seacoast – the best hitching route for these long tree trunks, marked with the Broad Arrow of the Crown!
July 9th WII Answer: A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is pollinating the Nature Lodge’s Black Locust tree! This tree is an offspring of the nearby Black Locust transplanted by Clarence Dike in 1932. What would Larry do with these blossoms?!
Answer – A Black Bear visited the Manor (staff house across the lake)!
Answer -Those waxy red tips tell us something enjoyed a meal of Cedar Waxwing!
Answer -It is the shed exoskeleton of a spider! There’s nothing inside! Growth requires molting!

Bean Soup

Pemi’s Weekly newspaper that is customarily read aloud in the Lodge on Monday nights will be offered twice in 2020 as virtual events.

Watch the Monday, July 6 Bean Soup HERE

Save the Date – Monday, August 17

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