Pre-Season Training & Clinics

All staff members receive eight days of extensive training prior to the campers’ arrival. During this week-plus, we spend focused time together discussing:

  • general child development and the particular characteristics and needs of camp-age boys
  • strategies for working with different age groups
  • guidelines for safe supervision
  • how to handle matters of minor discipline
  • strategies for navigating the challenges of homesick campers
  • and more

A general session in activity lesson-planning run by a professional educator is supplemented by activity-specific training with our various program heads. We also spend time building community by formally introducing ourselves to each other the first night we gather, sharing meals, entertaining each other at Campfire, climbing a mountain together as part of leadership training, and playing pick-up soccer, basketball, or various other games.

Prior to this regular preseason training, Pemi also arranges and holds other preseason clinics to train staff in specific program areas. These include:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Lifeguard Training and Lifeguard recertification
  • Appalachian Mountain Club Mountain Leadership School
  • Nature Instruction Clinic 

Attendance at these specialty clinics is based on a counselor’s specific program area. We will be in close contact before the summer to let you know which of these clinics you may need to attend.

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