Packing List

Download this helpful packing list as a guideline for preparing for the summer. But first, be sure to read the hints below that emerge from years of conventional wisdom.

If you take medication

Staff members who take medication in pill form on a daily basis and who live in cabins with campers (Cabin Counselors, Assistant Counselors, Trip Leaders, etc)  are required to enroll with CampMeds to dispense prescription medication as well as over-the-counter, such as daily vitamins and daily allergy medication. Pemi covers the service fee that CampMeds charges. There are deadlines involved. Please read the info found here>>

Most forgotten items


Second set of sheets (yes, you need two sets of sheets)

Most useful but not required item


Most whimsical but not required item

Unique mug for coffee/tea

Most traditional but not required item

Actual book for rest hour/bedtime reading (Pemi has a well-stocked library)

Most helpful thing to do even if you keep track of things

Label all items to assist with our commercial laundry service and with lost ‘n’ found at camp