Advising, Mentoring, & Leadership

The chance to assume leadership is a daily reality at Pemi, be it overseeing a group of campers while climbing one of the White Mountains, running an occupation in your program area, or overseeing a group of counselors your own age during a training clinic or heading up a cabin division throughout the summer. We offer active leadership opportunities for young staff along with training in leadership skills to facilitate this. The Pemi experience is as much of an opportunity to grow for staff as it is for campers—no matter how old we might be or how many summers we might have under our belts—and provides concrete examples of leadership experience for those who are looking to strengthen an employment, college, or high school resume.

Every staff member is assigned to an experienced mentor, with whom you will meet and talk at least twice a summer. During training week, you will discuss your goals for the summer, assessing what things you feel confident in taking on, what things you may find challenging, and ways to make sure you and your campers have the best summer you can manage. Then, at mid-season, you meet again to discuss how it’s all going: what you can feel good about, what still needs some attention, how to finish strong. You’ll receive specific feedback at this mid-season conversation based on suggestions and observations made by Division Heads, Program Heads and other senior staff who have had the opportunity to work with you.

Danny Kerr, director, meets with every staff member in the final week of camp to assess your season and hear your thoughts about Pemi. Pemi is a place that believes in supportive and constructive communication, and our mentoring system is our prime way of making it all work.