COVID and 2021. Learn more: updated Feb 5, 2021

Camp Pemi, Covid-19, and 2021

Here's to a happy, healthy camp season

Updated Friday, February 5

We fully expect that Camp Pemigewassett will be in session beginning in June of 2021, and eagerly look forward to welcoming boys to our 114th summer. Summer camp—where screens and homework are replaced with healthy outdoor living, laughter, and face-to-face relationships—brings joy to every one of us. We can’t wait! 

We know for sure that the success of the season will rest not just on our preparation, but also in how we prepare our campers, parents, and staff. It will take all of us working together to create what we suspect will be one of the best and most memorable seasons ever, sure to go in the history books! We have no doubt that the Pemi community will rise and thrive with this shared commitment and responsibility.  

Our Resources

To guide our new vision of how camp can run in a COVID world, we are monitoring the pandemic with a realistic and cautious eye, and rely upon our many and authoritative resources to inform all decision-making, including: CDC, federal, and New Hampshire guidelines; peer camps in the American Camp Association who opened in 2020; a consortium of local camp colleagues with whom we meet regularly; our extensive staff educators network, and our team of healthcare professionals.

Pemi’s Path to 2021 – (a link to this working document is coming soon)

As vaccines and therapeutics develop, there’s a glimmer of “life returning to normal” ahead, but we nevertheless are preparing to operate camp in a world where COVID-19 is still very much with us. We’re outlining our preliminary plans and policies for the season based on what we know now from science and best practices in a working document called Pemi’s Path to 2021. Once posted, this document will be updated throughout the coming months as our planning evolves, meaning all contents will be subject to change until it becomes a final document much closer to the summer. It will, however, keep you informed as to where we are along the way.

In the meantime, here are some key highlights that we anticipate having in place that are important for you to be aware of now, as you plan for the summer:  

  • Pre-camp preparation – Safety starts at home with 10-day “minimization of risk” period; PCR test requirement
  • Travel and transportation to Pemi – We anticipate camper arrival by car, driven ideally by one parent or guardian, with no chaperoned Pemi transportation to camp. It is likely that we’ll offer chaperoned Pemi transportation from camp
  • Arrival day – We anticipate to schedule staggered arrival times. We’ll be unable to offer restrooms or our traditional reception to parents/guardians
  • No late arrivals or mid-season time away – in order to establish and maintain our bubble.
  • Our imperfect bubble – We anticipate limiting visitors and limiting coming and going of camp staff. Chances are strong that there will be no parent visiting day(s) for parents of Full Session boys. Don’t worry – if you can’t visit your son, we’ll find other ways for you to connect!
  • COVID-19 testing at Pemi – testing for the whole community on arrival day, day 5, day 12, and possibly more. Testing upon presentation of symptoms as needed
  • Limit the spread of germs in camp – Cabin cohorts expanding to larger cohorts as testing allows; wearing masks at certain times; expanded dining locations; policies for cleaning and sanitizing camp’s facilities, etc.
  • Our action plans if/when someone does fall ill – We will require a pick-up within 24-hours by the parent of guardian should a boy test positive for COVID-19.

Withdrawal, Cancellation, and Refund Policies Specific to 2021

Please click here to see our policies on withdrawal, cancellation, and refunds.

Your Questions and Concerns

As always, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you, so please reach out to us at any time to talk through your thoughts on the upcoming season.

Directors Danny Kerr and Kenny Moore