Pemi, COVID-19, and 2021.  Learn more…

Pemi, Covid-19, and 2021

Here's to a happy, healthy camp season

What a year it’s been! All of the unprecedented challenges, though, have yielded an ever-clearer sense of best practices for going forward, including the opportunity we had last summer to implement health and safety measures that contributed to the great success of four weeks of family camp. As a result, we have full confidence that Pemi’s 2021 season will be a safe, happy, and fulfilling camp experience. For sure, our campers (and parents!) are clamoring for camp, and we are too! All of us—from our junior campers to our most veteran staff members—missed the unplugged, active, and supportive community that brings joy to every one of us. 

Because the situation continues to be fluid, we will announce specific requirements, procedures, and protocols as the season nears, but for now, rest assured that we are monitoring the pandemic with a realistic and cautious eye, and are relying upon our many and authoritative resources to inform all decision-making, including: CDC, federal, and New Hampshire guidelines; peer camps in the American Camp Association who opened in 2020; a consortium of local camp colleagues with whom we meet regularly; and our team of health care professionals who work with us during the summer and/or who serve on our COVID-19 committee.

Pemi also is extremely fortunate to have an extensive staff network of teachers and administrators currently immersed in taking care of children and young adults in both day and boarding schools. They report that many schools are, indeed, changing models mid-year to promote health and safety among students. As we continue to learn more, and as New Hampshire and federal guidelines emerge for summer camps in 2021, we are planning contingencies in case Pemi, too, needs to pivot. With full transparency in mind, we may need to revisit our session lengths and dates. Should any change be made to our published dates and session lengths, families who have registered their son will have guaranteed priority to secure a spot in the revised session based on application date, as we honor and appreciate their early commitment to Pemi. If the revised schedule does not suit their needs, enrolled families will be eligible for a complete refund of any tuition already paid. 

Even though our 2021 program activities might have to look a little different from “Pemi as usual,” we have no doubt that our camp community will be as strong as ever and will provide a welcome sense of normalcy for all who attend. SO, here’s to Pemi 2021!

As always, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you, so please reach out to us at any time.  

Directors Danny Kerr and Ken Moore