A number of forms are required for attendance. Completing and submitting forms can take a little time, but it’s not complicated. Most parents complete forms intuitively and with ease, and we provide detailed guidance below. Always feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Our office, health, and kitchen professionals use the information you provide during pre-season staff training, and throughout the season, to help your child adjust to camp and to provide a safe and supportive experience. We use the information you provide with the greatest discretion, and encourage you to make us a full partner in planning for your child’s summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the forms?

Log in to your account to access and submit all forms. You will need to complete and submit forms by May 20th, with the exception of the Travel Form, which is due 4 weeks before the start of your son’s session. Forms will be available in your online account under “Forms and Documents” by March 15, if not sooner. We will alert you by email when forms for the season are open.

Read more about how to use your online account >>
For a visual “how to” on where to find forms, click here >>

What forms are required?

Keep scrolling for more detailed information on each form!

When are forms due?

All forms are due May 20 (with the exception of the Travel Form, due 4 weeks before the start of your son’s session). With a total of over 2,000 forms submitted for campers and staff, thank you for honoring this deadline so that we have the time to organize and prepare a safe and happy season for your son!

Note: for the Physician Exam Form, we understand that a doctor’s appointment might be scheduled after the May 20 deadline, but before camp starts. Please submit all of the other forms and send the updated Physician Exam Form as soon as you can.

How do I submit the forms?

Log in to your account and go to “Forms and Documents.” An icon next to each form will indicate how to complete and submit each form. Specific directions also are provided below. Some forms must be completed and submitted online. Others must be printed, completed, and submitted either by scanning and uploading a pdf, or faxing to the number on the form.

How do I print a hardcopy form?

In your online account, under “Forms and Documents,” click on the name of the form. A box will open with simple instructions for printing.

Please do not mail forms!

We ask that you do not mail forms. Please submit forms directly to your online account, by either completing them online, uploading PDFs online, or faxing barcoded forms to the number indicated on the form. Let us know if this presents a challenge.

How do I know if my forms have been received?

You can see the status of your submitted forms by logging into your account and going to “Forms and Documents.” It may take a few days for us to process a submitted form. When a form has been completed properly and has been processed from our end, the form will be marked as “received,” and the name of the form will change from black to green (names of overdue forms turn red!). If there is an issue of some sort with your submitted form, we will be in touch with you. The time lag between when you submit the form and when we mark it as “received” is because we check each form for accuracy … and because we have close to 2,000 forms coming in for campers and staff!

Starting in May, we send emails using merge fields that let you know what we think we still need from you. Please check these emails carefully, even if you think you have submitted everything.

What about forms for siblings?

Each boy has his own forms in your account. It is especially important for hardcopy forms that they be downloaded for each boy, as a unique barcode identifies the forms for each camper. If the same form is used for both boys, the second one to be submitted will overwrite the first. In order to properly identify siblings, be sure to download EACH boy’s forms; don’t make copies of one or scratch out the barcode.

Form details:

Camper Questionnaire – print out and have your son complete

  • Please have your son complete this form himself in his own handwriting.
  • Spelling doesn’t matter!
  • Camper should use a pen, marker, or press his pencil firmly so that we can read his input.
  • To submit, scan and upload as a pdf online, or fax to the number on the form.

Parent Questionnaire – fill out online

  • Parent input provides insight for staff training and for cabin and counselor placement.
  • Please be forthcoming about a learning difficulty, ADHD, a bed-wetting problem, or a recent loss or major change in the family or child’s life so that we can best help your child make as smooth and as happy an adjustment to camp as possible. This is especially true for children who have an attention problem or are nervous about new situations. Children often use their behavior rather than words to tell us something is bothering them. Having advance knowledge of areas that might be difficult for your child helps us understand the message in his actions.
  • Our commitment is to use your input to help your child adjust to camp, and we use the information you provide with the greatest of discretion. We encourage you to make us a full partner in planning for your child’s summer.
  • TIP: CampMinder will close the session for this form if no information has been added after ~15 minutes. It is best to complete this form in one sitting—or, if you’d like to give it more thought, draft your responses elsewhere and copy them in when you can complete the form. We’ve heard more than once of a parent providing answers to a few questions, leaving their computer, and returning only to find that they’d lost all their wonderful input.

Parent Authorization Form – print out and complete

  • This form primarily serves as “permission to treat.” It will accompany your son when he is away from camp.
  • Follow the directions on the form to complete this form as a SINGLE-SIDED page, with insurance cards and signature provided all together on the front side.
  • DO NOT send multiple pieces of paper with separate photocopies of your insurance cards.
  • A parent or guardian signature is required at the bottom.
  • To submit, scan and upload as a pdf online, or fax to the number on the form.

Physician Exam Form – print out and have your physician complete

  • Must be filled out by your son’s physician, providing documentation of an exam within 24 months of attending camp.
  • You can substitute your doctor’s own office-generated form, but if faxing, be sure to use your son’s personal barcoded form as the cover sheet, so that any non-barcoded pages will be identified as belonging to your son.
  • Note: we understand that a doctor’s appointment might be scheduled after the May 20 deadline and before camp starts. Please submit all of the other forms and send the updated Physician Exam Form as soon as you can.
  • To submit, you or your physician’s office can scan and upload as a pdf online, or fax to the number on the form.

Health History Form – fill out online

  • Have your insurance information / card(s) handy for reference.
  • This form is several pages and can be updated at any time after it is submitted.
  • You can save your work and return to the form, but only fully-completed pages are saved.
  • A full immunization history is no longer required. Instead, you can indicate that immunizations are up-to-date. However, you will need to provide: 1) Date of your son’s last Tetanus shot (referred to as DTAP/td on immunization records), and 2) Tuberculosis (referred to as TB / PPD) test date and result (positive, negative) or “not tested.”
  • Parents of returning campers: the information you enter on the health history form will carry over from year to year (for convenience in submitting the form in subsequent summers). However, you should still review and verify the information each year, to ensure that information remains current—especially for medical conditions that may change over time.

Travel Plans Form – fill out online

  • Both arrival and departure segments must be complete for the form to be submitted successfully.
  • Required for all campers, even if travel is by car.
  • Please see Travel Details so that you can plan accordingly for arrival/departure by car, bus, or plane.
  • Use the dropdown menu to indicate if baggage will be with the camper or shipped via UPS (otherwise the form will be considered “incomplete.”)
  • This form can be updated if needed. If travel plans change, update the form by clicking the “edit” button next to the bus, car, or plane icon that you’d previously selected.
  • If your travel plans change within 5 days of opening/closing days, please update the form and then contact us directly by phone or email.
  • If you are flying with your son and are renting a car in order to deliver your son to camp, select the car icon (ie, provide flight info only when a Pemi staff escort is needed to pick up/deliver at the airport). Read more about travel >

Waiter/Camp Aide Application (optional) – fill out online

Directions for Faxing or Scanning/Uploading:

Fax toll-free to 1-866-428-1917

  • Faxed forms are routed automatically and securely to your son’s online account via the unique barcode that was generated on the form when you downloaded or printed it.
  • There is no need for a cover sheet. (And there is not an actual fax machine with a person standing by!)
  • Note: We review each and every form before marking it as received; there might be a time lag between your faxing it and our marking it as received.

OR — scan your completed hardcopy form as a PDF (no jpegs or tiffs).

  • Scan and save your completed form as a PDF.
  • If you know how to reduce file size, please do so before uploading.
  • Login to your account, go to Forms & Documents, and click on the “upload” symbol to the right of the form. Find the form on your computer and upload.
  • Note: We check each form before marking it as received. There might be a time lag between your uploading it and our marking it as received.

If your son takes pills of any sort (medication or vitamins) on a daily basis …

If your son takes pills of any sort on a daily basis, we require that he enroll with CampMeds and that you provide CampMeds with prescription/instruction information 30 days prior to his arrival at Camp. Click here for more information about CampMeds, including who needs to enroll, deadlines, fees, insurance, and FAQs.