Frequently Asked Financial Questions

What is the tuition for Camp Pemi?

Please see our “Dates & Tuition” page for this season’s information.

When is tuition due and how do I pay my bill?

  • Families may enroll in eCheck installments, with 2 to 4 installments available depending on time of enrollment. If you select an installment option in the Camper Application, Pemi will issue invoice reminders of pending charges 5 days prior to initiating a scheduled charge, and debit your eCheck account as follows (and as specified in the Camper Application):
    • For families who select the 2-installment option: Pemi will debit your eCheck account on February 15 for the first half of the total balance due, and on May 15th for the remaining balance.
    • For families who select the monthly installment option: your account will be charged in equal installments of the total balance due, on February 15th, March 15th, April 15th, and May 15th.
  • For families who prefer to receive an invoice only and who do not enroll in an eCheck installment plan, we will send invoices on February 1 for the first half of your total balance, due February 15; and an invoice on April 15th for the remaining balance, due on May 1.
  • A deposit to your son’s Camper Expense Account (CEA) is also due no later than May 1. Please make your CEA deposit along with your tuition payment. Guidance on how to calculate your son’s CEA deposit is just below.
  • Tuition is non-refundable after May 1, except in the case of documented illness/injury or mandatory summer school. Camp Pemigewassett expects families to be responsible for the full tuition if withdrawal is made after May 1.
  • Make eChecks or checks payable to: CAMP PEMIGEWASSETT.
    NOTE: We do not accept credit card payments for tuition.

    • Pay by eCheck: log in to your Pemi your online account and go to “Financial Management.” Click “Add an eCheck Account.” eCheck transactions are performed via a secure link and shorten processing time significantly.
    • Mail paper checks to: Camp Pemigewassett | 55 Smith Bridge Rd | Plymouth, NH 03264.
    • Parents of returning campers: if you have Camp Pemi already set up as a payee through your online bill pay, please make sure the payee address in your bill pay matches the check mailing address above.
  • International families have the option to wire funds if they do not have a US bank account.

What is the Camper Expense Account (CEA)?

Your son’s Camper Expense Account (CEA) covers personal expenses that may not apply to other campers (such as shipping luggage from camp to home, purchases from the camp store, renting a musical instrument, or going on a special trip, such as the Allagash canoeing trip).

We ask that you make a “best guess” (see guidelines below) and deposit funds into your son’s CEA before May 1. We recommend using eCheck, an easy and secure option via your online Pemi account. Alternatively, paper checks can be mailed to the address above.

We settle the account after the season. If the balance in a camper’s CEA exceeds $10, a refund will be issued. If the balance has been exceeded by more than $10, an invoice is mailed.

Guidelines for deposits to your son’s CEA are based on length of session and age:

3.5-week session (plus Other Fees, below, if applicable)

  • age 8-11: $75.00-$100.00
  • age 12-15: $100.00-$175.00 (upper end if your son plans to take advantage of optional trips, AMC hut trip)

7-week session (plus Other Fees, below, if applicable)

  • age 8-12: $100.00-$150.00
  • age 13-14: $200.00-$250.00 (optional trips, AMC hut trip)
  • age 15: $200-$400 (upper end if your son plans to go on the 15’s 5-day Allagash Trip, which is ~$300)

Other Fees: add to the above if your son is traveling solo via plane/bus or requires rental linens:

  • Travel Chaperone Fees 
    • One-way, Manchester Airport: $50.00
    • One-way, Boston Logan Airport: $150.00
    • One-way Chartered Bus, NY/Stamford—available only on opening and closing days, not mid-season: $150.00
  • Rental Linens (for international campers only)
    • Full Session: $110.00
    • Session One / Session Two: $55.00

Pemi West participants do not need a CEA, but we recommend pocket money for personal sundries when in transit and will provide details in our spring communications.

How can I check my balance?

Log in to your online Pemi account and click on “Financial Management.” Click on the button at bottom to “View Statement.” Here’s a visual.

May I pay tuition using my credit card?

Only the deposit, which is due with submission of the application, can be paid by credit card. Pemi requires that tuition be paid by eCheck or paper check. Our preferred method is eCheck, an easy and secure option via your online Pemi account. Alternatively, paper checks can be mailed to the address shown above.

What is eCheck?

Also known as ACH payments, eChecks securely and directly submit payment from bank to bank. The option is built into your Pemi online account, and easy-to-follow directions will walk you through the one-time set-up. The transaction will be performed via a secure link to the bank’s site, and will incorporate all the security normally associated with banking services. Paying your son’s tuition by eCheck (instead of mailing a paper check to our mailbox) shortens processing time significantly. Alternatively, paper checks can be mailed to the address shown above.

Does Pemi offer discounts and/or financial aid?

Pemi offers a brother discount as well as financial aid to deserving boys. To request consideration for aid, parents are asked to submit a short form and to submit their previous year’s tax return. To learn more and to download theFinancial Aid form, please see Discounts & Financial Aid.

Should my son bring cash with him?

Campers do not need cash, nor do we want campers to keep money in the cabin. If boys are traveling solo to/from camp and want to have money on hand, we will collect it upon arrival to store safely in the office and return it before departure.

Can we give our son’s counselor a tip at the end of the season?

That’s a nice thought, but tipping of counselors (including gift cards) is not done at Pemigewassett. The best way to express your appreciation for a counselor’s care and hard work is a friendly conversation and a warm handshake, or to consider a donation to the scholarship fund in his honor. We’d be happy to give you information on this.