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Building A Community Culture

Place six to ten boys and two counselors in a cabin for several weeks and something rather amazing happens. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different interests learn how to get along. Place multiple cabin groups in a natural setting that is removed from outside influences and the skills learned within each cabin have further room to grow.

Two Major Lessons Emerge

  • Each boy learns that he belongs to something larger than his individual wants and needs.
  • Each boy learns that a community, no matter the size, is only as successful as the effort put in by its individual members.

Pemi’s “Community Culture” Fosters:

  • Acceptance, appreciation, and respect for others
  • Responsibility
  • Being inclusive
  • Gratitude
  • Personal accountability
  • Dependability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Patience
  • Service and volunteerism
  • Cooperation
  • Respect for rules
  • Standing up for what’s right

While good-natured humor, laughter, and fun are hallmarks of the Pemi community, teasing at the expense of others is not. Should a bit of an “outside world” habit creep in, it is not unusual for a veteran camper to simply say, “Hey, we don’t do that here.” They know that “out there” can be a challenging place at times and, as older campers once did for them, do their best to model what it takes to make Pemi a safe community for all. Everyone is charged at the end of the season to take this aspect of their Pemi experience back with them.

Waiters And Camp Aides

Boys ages 14 and 15, and in some cases, 13, are invited to apply for waiter and/or camp aide positions. Parents of interested boys will be able to apply using a form located in their online account. These are paid positions, and for many boys, represent their first job opportunity. Boys will be given instructions, guidance, encouragement, and feedback. We strongly recommend that our older campers take advantage of these leadership opportunities.

Role Models

At the final awards banquet, a hush falls over the gathered community as the Citizenship Award is announced for each division. Thunderous applause follows, as everyone in attendance tends to know exactly why each recipient was chosen. The inscription reads:

For the best all-around citizen in each division whose generous and unselfish spirit gives success, happiness, and self-esteem to others.

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