in an “Unplugged” Environment

We live in a thrilling age, unparalleled in terms of connectivity with one another and access to information. And yet even the most tech-hungry among us recognizes that it isn’t healthy for anyone—and most especially a child—to spend hours in front of a screen, disconnected from his surroundings. With all the wonders of technology, it cannot replace the crucial life skills gained through its absence.

Camp Pemigewassett is a screen-free environment. Boys invariably report experiencing a sense of relief after only a few days away from the pressures of, in particular, social media, and recognize that it takes an unplugged environment for them to truly leave it behind.

As a result of being “unplugged,” Pemi campers have the space and time to develop vital skills, a few of which are…


  • Engaging in face-to-face conversations
  • Conveying information through handwriting letters
  • Managing uncomfortable situations appropriately

Attending to the moment

  • Appreciating natural environs
  • Being inclusive of others
  • Taking part in and responding to social experiences

Creativity and innovation

  • Finding ways to use unstructured time
  • Trying new things
  • Exploring the outdoors


  • Seeing firsthand how words and actions affect others
  • Appreciating the needs and wants of others

Personal conviction

  • Having the time and space to think for oneself; learning how to develop personal opinions and beliefs through experience—conversing, listening, pondering, and weighing information—versus relying solely on an online search.

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