by Being Away from Home

Yesterday besides going off the spring board, I went off the high dive – six feet height!! I am excellent at doing the front crawl. My instructor helped ME CONQUER MY FEAR!

Simply put, being away from home facilitates self-discovery. As a result of living and learning at Pemi, campers:

Develop Resourcefulness

When your son faces a challenge at Pemi and needs assistance, he has a choice.

  • I forgot my toothbrush…do I write home or do I find out where the camp store is?
  • I want to try that lacrosse clinic…do I write home and tell them or do I talk to the friendly guy who handles scheduling?
  • I’ve always wanted to do that but am nervous. Do I just watch the other kids having fun or do I talk with the instructor?
  • I’m homesick! Can I go home?

When a boy learns how to identify appropriate people to talk to for any given situation, he activates an “inner compass” that will serve him well through life’s upcoming mysteries and challenges. At Pemi, he will be surrounded by knowledgeable mentors who will help him learn to develop and trust his skills, strategies, and instincts. Read about homesickness aka home-missing >>

Connect With Outstanding Role Models

Campers tend to relate to their counselor in a completely different way than with their parents. Though seen as “adults,” counselors are closer in age and boys can imagine being leaders just like them. With Pemi’s diverse and talented staff, boys have any number of inspiring mentors to connect with.

Establish Independence 

The parent of an 8-year old camper sent a photo post-season with this note, Here’s Pete’s perfectly made bed. He does this EVERY morning. Pemi taught him this along with keeping his room neat and tidy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

When away from home, boys are much more willing to try new things, take on tasks, and follow through with projects, including those that are frustrating. Making a bed and keeping a room straight might seem like a small matter, but the ownership of the act by an 8-year old—the sheer self-sufficiency of it—speaks volumes! At Pemi, each camper has age-appropriate responsibilities that allow him to feel proud of his accomplishments, from our youngest boys during cabin inspection to our oldest boys who serve as waiters and camp aides. Feeling capable feels great and opens the door to endless possibilities.

Become a “Pemi Kid”

Over the course of his several weeks stay at Pemi (and most notably, over the course of several summers), each and every “Pemi Kid” develops life skills in a number of ways.

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