as a Pemi Parent

If I keep in mind the independent, capable, and kind 35-year old man I hope he’ll be one day, it makes it easier to loosen my grip; to give him wings as well as roots. Pemi has supported our family in this like no other place I know. – Pemi parent

We understand that “loosening your grip” can in many ways feel like cutting off your arm. Handing your boy over to the care of others calls upon remarkable trust in Camp Pemigewassett’s staff, as well as trust in yourself and in your son as he moves, inevitably, towards becoming a teen, a young man, and an adult.

Healthy separation benefits all family members. The ideal camp experience is when a boy and his parents, while apart, simultaneously gain new skills, such that when they reunite, each is poised to support and continue that shared trajectory.

Pemi pledges to communicate dependably and honestly with parents at home. Think of the wonders of technology, not as a way to oversee your son’s camp experience, but rather as a guarantee that we can reach you immediately—wherever you are—should we need to, thus freeing you to enjoy the physical and psychological separation that reaps profound benefits for campers and for parents, and has for over 100 years. Think of your time apart as an opportunity to:

  • connect in a new way with partners and friends or with younger children remaining at home
  • nurture yourself by pursuing personal goals and interests

Role modeling healthy adulthood is a key parenting skill that aids in successfully launching a child on his own journey towards independence.

Pemi Parents: In Their Own Words:

My generation of parents hover, plump pillows and are engaged in every little detail of our children’s lives. It is a wonderful lesson to hand your child over to others, have little idea of what they are up to and what they are feeling, and to see how great that letting go is for them.


If we don’t have experiences apart, then we deny ourselves the fun of reconnecting and sharing our adventures!


As a veteran Pemi parent, I’ve come to learn that giving my child the opportunity to fail and succeed on his own is a valuable and necessary gift.


Pemi has taught us how capable kids are at figuring things out for themselves and being independent. From the drop-off, where kids unpack without their parents, to choosing their own schedules, to working out conflicts, we feel our son is getting a big leg up on key life lessons/experiences. Now, at home, we’re teaching him how to do his own laundry, take ownership of his homework etc, knowing he’s perfectly able to do so, and we’re stepping back a bit.


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Parents have access to a wealth of information in the Parent section of this site as well as via the Pemi Blog, especially the Resources for Parents category.