Peter Fauver

Pemi was Peter’s first home in the summer of 1947. Grandson of Pemi founder Gar Fauver, and son of Al and Bertha Fauver, he was a camper from Junior 1 to Senior 3. He went to the University of North Carolina, inspired, in part, by three members of the UNC baseball team who worked at Pemi for several years as counselors. Following graduation from UNC, Peter went on to law school, and then returned to New Hampshire to practice. In 1992, he took to the bench as a Judge on the New Hampshire Superior Court, serving until his retirement in 2008. In keeping with the tradition started by Al Fauver, on retirement he assumed the oversight of Pemi’s grounds and the 55 buildings on the camp property. He has been on the Board of Directors for several decades and looks forward to continuing in that role and otherwise assisting where needed.